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There is no end to people’s interest in celebratory. At the same time, everyone is very interested in who they are in a relationship with. Among the Celebraty there are many who are in a relationship without any hitches. However, today’s topic is about Andrew Santino wife because it is still unknown to many who is the wife of this famous man. Many have expressed curiosity about who Andrew actually dated or married.

If you are one of those curious people then today’s article is for you. This article will cover all the information related to Andrew Santino’s personal life. People are often confused about how many women Andrew has been in relationship with since he has not officially said anything about his wife. But we try to collect the most authentic information and will try to present the correct information to you.

Who is the Andrew Santino?

Andrew Santino is an American actor best known as a comedy actor. He is one of the most successful comedians and even one of the richest comedians in the world. He was born on 16 October 1983 in the United States and grew up there. He was originally born in Chicago, Illinois.

Andrew’s childhood was spent happily with his parents. She has always kept her personal life private and still does. You will be surprised to know that till now Santino has not given any open information about his parents. However, over time Santino felt that he had enough talent to make people laugh and he later exploited that. He wanted to make a career out of this talent and eventually he did.

At first he started performing in small bars in Chicago. With time his talent continued to develop and he continued to pursue his dream. He later left Chicago and soon found fame as a comedy star, but had to work hard. From 2010, he started getting bigger opportunities and later managed to establish himself as a stand-up comedian.

Who is Andrew Santino Wife?

Now you have reached the desired section where we are going to tell all the information about Andrew’s relationship. Actually Andrew is a married man and his wife’s name is Victoria. Ansrew got married in 2012 when he reached peak popularity. He has two daughters and a son with Victoria and the couple is quite happy in their married life. Andrew has always kept his personal life aloof and private. Moreover, outside of his professional work, he does not expose himself to outsiders.

When he didn’t share any reliable information about his wife or girlfriend, people naturally made a lot of assumptions and started making rumors about it. But it is true that Andrew was not in a relationship with just one woman but he had a relationship with several women. Although he did not want to bring them to his fans, they were revealed.

About Danielle Brook:

No doubt you’ve heard the name Danielle Brook with Andrew Santino. It has already been said that he had affairs with multiple women. Following this, he got married to Danielle Brooks in 2019. Andrew and Danielle dated for a long time before getting married. However, Danielle has had a boyfriend before and has a child with her.

Also, she resumed a relationship with Andrew and the couple remained quite happy together. Andrew’s love or relationship story does not end here but there is more to come. He kept his personal life as private as possible as he messed around with love and marriage with several women.

Danielle Brooks Net Worth:

Danielle Brooks is a popular American actress who was born in 1989 in Georgia. He basically started his acting career from 2012. His current net worth is estimated at $19.26 million. He earns $2.41 per year. Although it is difficult to get exact information about his net worth, it is an estimate that has a lot of validity. He has considerable influence even in Sahal media.

You can check his Instagram profile where he has quite a lot of followers. Even each of his posts received an average of 112.94 thousand likes. Danielle Brooks’s income is increasing every year. His net worth in the beginning has now increased a lot. He has even become more popular on social media.

Andrew Santino and Sarah Bolger:

This section will give you a surprising information. You know about two of Andrew’s relationships but there is one more to know. If you’ve ever heard the name arah Bolger with Andrew Santino, that’s true too. There is ample argument and evidence regarding her marriage to Daniel Brooks. He doesn’t like to open up or share about his married life.

But there is probably some truth to the rumor that he also married Beef Cast Sarah Bolger. If there is no evidence in this regard, it is expected that he had a deep relationship with Sarah Bolger. Many people are questioning who is his real wife and we know that even after reading this article, you will have enough doubts in your mind. But one thing you can be sure of is that he had multiple affairs.


Rumors about Andrew’s married life are endless. Rumors about his marriage and girlfriend have been going on for a long time in various news media and it is still going on. Since he doesn’t like to publicize news about his wife in the media, naturally people think that there is something special about his personal life.

This is actually true because he is not in a relationship with one woman, he has relationships with multiple women. He originally did not believe much in marriage, but after falling in love, his thoughts changed and he decided to get married. However, he got married early in his career and after a few years he remarried another woman. Although his life is not that messy, there is no end of buzz about it.


  • Andrew Santino has been named as one of the top 10 comics by Comedy Central.
  • He wrote and even acted in MTV’s final show of Punk’d.
  • He appeared as a guest star in shows like Netflix’s Arrested Development, HBO’s Family Tree, and NBC’s The Office.
  • There are rumors of Santino being gay, but there is no confirmation of it.

Now probably your doubts are cleared about Andrew Santino Wife. Andrew Santino has earned a lot of fame as a comedian, but he always prefers to keep the information about his parents, siblings and wife under wraps. His fans have a lot of interest about his life that’s why today’s article covers as much information about him as possible.

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