16 December Bangladesh Victory Day – When, History & How to Observed

Victory Day is a national day of Bangladesh known as “BijoyDibosh” in Bengali. The day is always celebrated every year on 16th December. The victory of Bangladesh over Pakistani forces in the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971 is commemorated by this glorious holiday.

Bangladesh Victory Day

In 2022, Bangladeshi people will celebrate their 51st Victory Day, which is a glorious thing for them. I’m saying it’s magnificent, but Victory Day is much more to them. For the Novel COVID19, Bangladeshi people couldn’t enjoy their Victory day thoroughly and joyfully last year. As the COVID19 situation in Bangladesh is now controlled almost, people will Greatly enjoy their Victory Day of 2022 on 16th December on Thursday. In addition, Victory Day of 16th December was officially declared as a national holiday on 22nd January 1972.

When is Bangladesh Victory Day?

Do you know, 16th December 1971 is a very memorable day for Bangladesh? Because on this day, they achieved something glorious. Only glorious? No, they gained their Freedom, Freedom of speaking, Freedom of working, freedom of sleeping ETC. What is more important for a nation than Freedom? Bengali struggled and fought for nine months to gain this Freedom, and Victory Day is observed to remember those freedom fighters’ sacrifice and triumph. The day is also recognized as the most precious day of Bangladesh. Because on this day in 1971, we got today’s Bangladesh. 

Bangladesh Victory Day is on 16th December. The day is known as ‘Bijoy Dibos’ in Bengali and always celebrated on 16th December with a view to showing respect to our freedom fighters and spreading the joy of victory all over the country. Independence of Bangladesh costs the lives of three million people and the honor of nearly half a million women. The country got its independence forty-eight years ago on 16th December 1971.

Victory Day of Bangladesh
Victory Day of Bangladesh

History of Victory Day

Do you want to know about the history of Victory Day? Okay, let’s go back to1947 to 1971. 


The history of Victory Day started in 1947 after the partition of India by the British. Since then, another state was created as the name of Pakistan, which had two regions- East Pakistan (Now Bangladesh) and West Pakistan (Now Pakistan). But they had Great friction. 


East Pakistan had no freedom. West Pakistan was significantly ruled, which was unbearable to East Pakistan Bengali. In 1952, they struggled for their mother language, known as Language Movement. And their language movement was successful. 


In the general election of 1970, Awami League (Bengali – based league) won with a considerable number of votes different from West Pakistan. But West Pakistan couldn’t take it. And it was the start of the Bangladesh Liberation War struggle. 


East Pakistan (Bengali) wanted their Freedom, Freedom of speech, Freedom of food, Freedom of opinion, etc. They tried to live without West Pakistan’s rule, forcing, exploitation. Hence they fought for their Freedom against West Pakistan from 26th March 1971 to 16th December 1971. But they won, achieved, and gained their victory, something glorious after a big storm on 16th December in 1971.

How to observe the day?

Victory Day is the Greatest achievement for Bangladesh. So the day is enjoyed Greatly throughout the country.

Visit National Parade Ground at Sher – E – Bangla Nagar.

At Sher – E – Bangla Nagar’s National Parade Ground, the day begins with a 31 gun salute. So enjoy this to start your Victory Day enjoyment. 

Visit Savar.

At sunrise, at the National Mausoleum at Savar president and prime minister pay tribute to the freedom fighters and the martyrs who sacrifice their livelihood for the country. So visit Savar to enjoy the scene and also to pay Tribute. 

Wear Red and Green Dresses.

As green and red are Bangladesh’s national colors, many people wear red and green dresses to enjoy the day more. 

Pay Tribute to the Freedom Fighters and Martyrs.

The day is all about the freedom fighters and martyrs. So it is the most important task for this day to pay Tribute to them. Never forget to do this.

Watch Victory Day Related Programs on Television.

There will be so many programs on television on this day about Victory Day. So watch these to know more about Victory Day of Bangladesh.

Watch Victory Day Movies.

There are so many Victory Day movies available in Bangladesh. Those movies are very heart-touching, and there is no fake scene; all are the natural scenes of 1971. 

Not only these but there are also so many ways to celebrate the day. 

Why is the day Important to us?

Why is the day not important to us? Ask this question before asking, “Why is the day important to us?”

  • About 3000000 civilians and innocent people were killed without any reason in West Pakistan. Maybe their guilt was that they were Bengali to West Pakistan.
  • What is more terrible than rapping? About 200000 women were raped. Were they mother or sister or daughter or aunt or? 
  • About every village and town were burned by fire by Pakistani Forces, which was massive destruction in most of the development of Bangladesh. 

And so many terrible things. And finally, Bengali won their victory on 16th December. Now say, “Why isn’t Victory Day important to us?

In the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, Bangladesh fought against Pakistan to achieve its independence and become an independent country. Finally, after fighting for nine months with Pakistan, Bangladesh achieved its goal successfully on 16th December in 1971. That’s why it is an important day for Bangladesh.

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