National Black Cat Day 2022: When, History & Why We Celebrate

Do you dislike black cats or have some superstitions about black cats? If the answer is yes then imagine there are many others like you who never care about black cats. Also, many cat lovers do not want to adopt these fluffy animals. National Black Cat Day, which is celebrated every year on October 27, was invented to change this indifferent attitude towards black cats.

Black cats have a bad reputation as outdated ideas that this day aims to change. You also have enough to know about this day. It doesn’t matter if you’re not a cat lover at all, you can raise others’ awareness along with your own awareness of caring for them. However, this article will discuss this day in detail. So continue reading without skipping any section.

National Black Cat Day 2022

Black cats are like other cats, only their color differs from other cats. Some people adopt them but many do not support it. But this perception is slowly changing and people are supporting the adoption of black cats. 27th October was chosen to celebrate the day out of various activities. Hopefully, as a conscious person, you too will appreciate the day.

Some of the goals of Black Cat Day include:

  • Sharing the joys of living with black cats
  • Dispelling myths surrounding black cats
  • Helping black cats get adopted

History Of Black Cat Day

Black Cat Day did not come suddenly, but has a history. Black cats are one of the different cat species. However, this animal with a different appearance is given different status in different places. In some countries, such as Scotland, Britain and Japan, the presence of black cats is considered lucky. They believe that black cats will bring a lot of prosperity in their lives.

However, there are many countries in the western world where black cats are considered bad luck. Even the people of those countries think that it contains the most evil natures. They even act as companions to evil people. History dating back to the early 17th century suggests that owners of black cats in America had to suffer severe hardships.

Besides, those who harbored and cared for black cats were to be severely punished, even the death penalty. It is true that some evil people associate black cats with their witchcraft activities but these animals are actually harmless, especially with no inherent evil in them.

Considering all the downsides, people adopt fewer black cats, according to animal-advocacy groups and adoption agencies. The organization originally launched the day to destroy these negative perceptions. They felt that there should be a designated day to ensure kind treatment of this animal and to make people aware.

National Black Cat Day Images

Why is National Cat Day Celebrated?

Although awareness about black cats has increased over the years, many people in society are still indifferent to them. They still believe that black cats always bring bad luck. But there is no justification for holding this fact alone because the opposite may also be true. As mentioned earlier, black cats are considered lucky in some countries around the world, so why not think the same way for you?

The day is observed to highlight all the positive aspects about the black cat. These cats are also considered a symbol of considerable beauty. When your room decoration is white it will shine in the room. Goes well with even black decorations. Moreover, their black thick fur looks very perfect.

Although black cats have so many positive aspects, they are often neglected. But you can be kind to them because they can carry just as much beauty as your pet white cat, if not more. If you don’t have a black cat then this is the perfect day to adopt one. You can also encourage your friends to adopt a black cat.

Black Cat Day Images

Hopefully, the above discussion has provided you with comprehensive information about Black Cat Day and the significance of this day. These animals are truly wonderful if you consider the positive aspects. They are actually harmless, so you should not treat them with indifference. They also demand some care and love.

There are many things you can do as part of observing the day that will help others support these animals. If you have a black cat, show it off on social media and share pictures of its various moments. This will force others to do the same. Also, send the greetings of this day to everyone at the beginning of the day.

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