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Board kings Free Rolls and Diamond: Are you familiar with dice games? If the answer is yes then you must be aware enough about board kings games because both are similar games. However, if you are a regular player then this post is for you as it will discuss Board Kings free roll. Hope you get answers to all your collection related questions. You can Now Click and Copy codes and can Redeem Free Rolls and Diamond to play.

Board Kings is a game where you cannot play without collecting rolls. New players often don’t know how to collect free rolls and how to redeem them. Anyway, today’s post is with all the details. Here each topic will be discussed step by step.

Board Kings Free Rolls 2023

It is a very popular game among online gamers. Moreover, it is one of the best casual games suitable for both android and IOS devices. At the same time it offers a lot of attractive features. You might be surprised that it offers great prizes to the contest winners. The game is quite an addictive game that you can play for free. Besides, the game has simple rules that are easy for any new player to understand. You can do many things that this game provides.

Board Kings Free Rolls Link Last Check: (June 2023)

Board Kings Free Rolls Today (31st May 2023)

Date Rewards Claim Now
30 April 2023 30 Dice Claim
8 April 2023 30 Dice Claim
11 February 2023 30 Dice Claim
10 February 2023 30 Dice Claim
8 February 2023 30 Dice Claim
8 February 2023 30 Dice Claim
3rd February 2023 30 Dice Claim
1st February 2023 30 Dice Claim
30 January 2023 30 Dice Claim
8 December 2022 30 Dice Claim
2 December 2022 30 Dice Claim
December 2022 30 Dice Claim
December 2022 30 Dice Claim
December 2022 30 Dice Claim

Board Kings Free Rolls Link: Expired

Date Rewards Claim Now
28 November 2022 30 Dice Claim
25 November 2022 30 Dice Claim
23 November 2022 30 Dice Claim
20 November 2022 30 Dice Claim

Board Kings Free Rolls Friends Codes

You can invite your family or friends during the game as it has some benefits for you. The game will reward you when you invite some people. Joining them is also very easy. Just share your account id code with them, then they can join. After joining you will get free rolls, besides there are various rewards. These rewards are undoubtedly valuable which you can earn only by playing the game according to the rules.

How to Get Free Rolls on Board kings

This section is for those who don’t know how to get free rolls in this game. Every 5 hours you can earn some free rolls. Once you get some rolls you keep trying. Remember that as the game progresses you will continue to earn more rolls. But in this case you must make sure that you win every time. Chances of earning a roll are zero if you keep losing.

Connect your Facebook account 

There are also other ways to get a roll. You link your Facebook account with your gaming account. You can easily get free rolls. It is a simple process. Enter the main website of Board Kings game and login through Facebook account. Then there will be some instructions that you need to follow to get the free roll. After following the correct rules your free roll will start getting.

Invite others

You can play this game with up to 6 people and there are many ways to earn rolls. Another easy trick is to capture other players’ cities and use their dice. Once you win, your path to earning free rolls becomes clearer. How many free rolls you get depends on your position on the other player’s board.

Watch video ads

You can watch some video ads to get free rolls in a short period of time. After watching countless videos you will be able to accumulate a large number of rolls.

Send and receive gifts

You can exchange gifts with other players in your group. If you send them stickers, they will send you something else. You can do one method several times with different friends. In this you can get free rolls very fast.

Complete the board level

Another great way to get free rolls is to complete the level you are in the game. If you stay at the same level for a long time the roll may not be gained despite other means. So you have to be careful in this case.

Get promotional offers

The game offers various offers to regular players. You need to know how to use this offer. Usually the players have to go through a series of tedious steps, after which they can roll through the offers.

Complete event

Board Kings games have different events at different times. In this case the player has to do some simple tasks. After completing these tasks correctly you can get free points, dice and rolls

How To Redeem?

There are many questions in the minds of the users about how to release the free roll of this great game, at this stage you will be cleared the whole matter in a simple way. Remember that there is a lot to gain from the game if approached the right way. The method is mentioned below in several steps:

  • Visit the official website of Board Kings from your device
  • Click on the reward links given there
  • Make sure you have logged in to the correct account before claiming the prize
  • Now wait a while for the game to connect to the server
  • Claim and enjoy your reward after 5 minutes.

Board Kings Game

Board Kings is one of the most enjoyable online games that is loved by many players around the world. These games include several types of games that you can play. You can play this game with your friends and family without any cost, just need an internet connection. Even after playing the game for free you can win some great prizes.

It’s a great game to compete with other players which often gives you the opportunity to collect different items. You can even break other people’s boards. Players are usually very excited when they play a Board Kings game. You can build your city with some coins and even travel on board others.

You will need coins to get the best dice in the game. But you can collect these coins in different ways. There is also a possibility to get jewels in this game which is considered as premium money. You need to pay money to get various features of the game. But if you don’t want to pay money then you have to earn free rolls. How to get them has already been described. Hopefully you now know how to get Board Kings free rolls. Free rolls will definitely make you enjoy the game more.

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