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Cambodia Independence Day 2022: Wishes, Messages and Quotes

Every country has an independence day and a story of sacrifice because independence of the motherland is not automatically given to one but has to be earned. Like other countries, Cambodia Independence Day is quite important and prestigious. Cambodia gained independence from France in 1953. This day is celebrated on November 9 every year across the country. If 9 November falls on a Sunday, the following working day will be a holiday.

This day is celebrated with great pomp to commemorate that glorious day. Although the country got independence many years ago, still this special day is remembered and honored every year because without that day people would not have got an independent country. However, Cambodians make various arrangements to celebrate the day and share various wishes and quotes with each other. Know now about the wishes, messages and quotes of this day.

Cambodia Independence Day Wishes:

If you happen to be a Cambodian then send wishes to everyone and reminisce about the glorious day. Wishes hide the significance of the day and your gratitude. The story of Cambodia’s independence began in the 19th century. At this time, the country came under the control of the Kingdom of Siam. However, in order to get rid of this domination, King Norodom signed an agreement with France in 1863, and then Cambodia came under French rule.

However, with the occupation of the country, France began to control Cambodia’s trade and military power. During World War II, the country was occupied by the Japanese. However, a formal request for independence was made which Japan accepted. Japan then supported Cambodia’s independence and withdrew all their claims.

  • Today is the occasion to visit the local museums around the country and brush our knowledge about our nation. Happy Cambodia Independence Day to all.
  • Wishing everyone on the occasion of Cambodia Independence Day. We are happy to be born in a free and independent country.
  • Don’t miss on the chance to thank all the nation heroes who fought for the independence of Cambodia. Happy Cambodia Independence Day.
  • Warm greetings on Cambodia Independence Day to all. There is nothing as important and as precious as freedom and we have it.

Cambodia Independence Day Messages:

Freedom, however achieved, is never easily achieved. Living under subjugation is very difficult because it cannot give peace like a free country. Undoubtedly, some heroes contribute to bringing freedom to a country. Cambodia’s Independence Day has some important messages that should be conveyed to everyone. One of the most important messages of this day is to preserve freedom for life.

Freedom is won only once but everyone has to contribute to maintain it. While enjoying the taste of freedom, everyone has to be responsible towards it because the country’s freedom can be undermined due to the negligence of the people. Therefore, the purpose of gathering people on this day is to honor the national heroes and take the pledge to protect the freedom of the country.

  • Our national heroes brought us freedom and now we must contribute towards the success of our country. Happy Cambodia Independence Day.
  • Warm wishes on the occasion of Cambodia Independence Day. Let us enjoy the flavors of freedom but in the responsible way.
  • On the occasion of Cambodia Independence Day, we must come together and celebrate this day with high spirits and greatest zeal.
  • Learning about the history of our country is just the right way to make the occasion of Cambodia Independence Day a memorable one.

Cambodia Independence Day Quotes and Saying:

  • Wishing everyone on the occasion of Cambodia Independence Day. Independence from French rule did not come easy to us and therefore, we must value it.
  • We are blessed to be born in a free country and blessed to have not experienced the atrocities of colonialism. Happy Cambodia Independence Day.
  • Warm wishes on Cambodia Independence Day. Independence and freedom are the things which mean everything.
  • Without freedom, no country can prosper and no countrymen can live a happy life. Happy Cambodia Independence Day.
  • Warm wishes on Cambodia Independence Day to everyone. Cheers to the independence we have been blessed with.
  • It is time to pick up the books which have stories about the freedom struggle of our country. Happy Cambodia Independence Day.
  • It is a wonderful idea to visit the historical monuments and museums in order to celebrate Cambodia Independence Day in the most amazing way.
  • Let us make the occasion of Cambodia Independence Day a memorable one by being thankful for the freedom our national heroes have left us with.

Another important means of celebrating Cambodia Day is various quotes. You can find a lot of quotes and sayings online, from there you can pick a few as per your choice. Share these quotes on your social pages throughout the day so that everyone can understand its history and importance.

Express in the quotes that independence from the French did not come easily but Cambodians had to endure their control for a long time. So the long awaited freedom must be given the highest price and must be determined to protect it. Also let others know that no country can prosper without independence, so everyone should be proud of this day and be grateful to those who have contributed to this happy existence.

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