Cycle to Work Day 2022: When, Why and How to Celebrate the Day

Cycle to Work day? Sounds weird, right? Well, it’s not that imaginary actually, rather it’s celebrated every year! In UK, 5th/6th August is celebrated as the Cycle to Work day. It’s a sort of big deal there. We all know that bicycle riding is a good sort of physical exercise. If anyone can incorporate this in their daily routine, it will be of a great benefit to them.

Besides, bicycle riding is environment friendly, pollution and hassle free though a little time consuming. Regarding this, Deborah Moggach said, “Once you start cycling, the city opens up for you. No longer are you fighting it, hot and frustrated; no longer are you at the mercy of bus drivers, road works, decisions made by others and over which you have no control. Believe me, once you have tasted the freedom, you are hooked.”

When is Cycle to Work Day

In the United Kingdom, Cycle to Work Day is observed every year on August 5.  Summer comes to an end this time, the city –dwellers step out of their cars, leave their house without their car keys and grab a helmet instead to switch their morning commutes to cycle. The childhood bliss of pedaling to victory does not have to be lost with this celebration on the calendar. Cycle to work day has been created to encourage people to just do that: cycle to work.

Why it should be celebrated:

There are so many different benefits associated with cycle to work. It’s not only good for health but also does a bit good for the environment. Even there’s an authority who takes initiatives to persuade people cycle to work around the world.

There are many different reasons why one should consider biking to work. As such:

  1. Biking is fun!Bike riding is slower in pace and slower pace means more sightseeing. The details of our lovely surrounding is captured slowly by our optical nerves. When we cycle to work, we are much more likely to find new subtle merrymaking that we may have never noticed before.
  2. Cycle to work means starting a day with a great exercise. This will make one to feel good and happy for the rest of the day. After all, exercise releases happy hormones.
  3. It saves money in various ways, like: expense for petrol, extra security, parking space and so on.
  4. It’s easy for avoiding traffics.
  5. It may unearth a new hobby. Just as there are runners, swimmers, yogis there is a massive community of hobby cyclists in every single country. We love that one Cycle to Work Day could reveal to someone their new favorite hobby or pastime and also plug them into a health oriented community.

History of Cycle to Work Day

Cycle to Work Day has numerous origins, because it’s held on multiple days during spring.

Cycle to Work Day is believed to have been started by the League of American bicyclists in 1956. Places throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe take part in this holiday because bicycling has become a popular way of travel and exercise. However, today’s holidays take place in the UK.

During the 2nd World War, the U.S.  as well as many other countries underwent gas shortage due to the high demands of active military force. This resulted in the severe shortage of gas and as a result people could no longer sit on their cars when necessary. In the phase of a gasoline shortage, many citizens opted for biking or walking instead of motor vehicle. So, in 1956 when the League of American Bicyclists established the idea, they were attempting to revive a healthier lifestyle by coaxing their citizens.

According to some sources, Cycle to Work Day took its first step in 2013. Since then it has gained much popularity across UK.This day encourages adults to get on their bike and cycle to work for just a day. They believe that cycling can help improve the lives of adults by bringing health and fitness in just one day. One day specially the beginning of something new can bring a transformation in lifestyle and can attract and glue the admirers to it. According to, in 2017 over 40000 riders helped them celebrate the day and over a million miles were cycled as a result.

At last, it is seen that a fuel shortage sowed the seed of the very day which now carries a totally different concept. As greenhouse gas damages the equanimity of Earth’s environment, driving petroleum –fueled vehicles has much graver implications. By ditching the engine and mounting the bike, people all across the world are able to come together to minimize excess waste of natural gases  while also sustaining their own physical health.

As the holiday becomes ever more popular, the event coordinators that help operate the site hope that everyone who participates can be able to have fun and incorporate an awesome workout routine into their daily lives.

How to celebrate Cycle to Work Day

There are several ways to celebrate. Such as:

  • Participating in the celebration

If one lives in the UK, then he can join the bicyclists and dedicate the whole day by biking. If he doesn’t live in UK, then he should find a local event near him where he can participate in a day of cycling. Share how many miles he biked by posting a picture of him on social media and using the hashtag #cycletoworkday and sharing it with his friends. If he wants to use bicycle regular, then develop a schedule and get cycling.

  • Encouraging others

It is also good to encourage other people to cycle to work on this date as well. In the build –up to it, he can share this on social media, let them know about the event, and post some benefits that are associated with cycling to work so that they are encouraged to do the same thing. This is a great way to get everyone involved and get more people cycling to work, which is what it is all about!

  • Teach a loved one to cycle

Not everyone knows how to ride a two-wheeled bicycle. If you’re a remote worker or simply don’t have to commute, you would be just as well off teaching someone how to ride a bicycle who does not already have that skill. This way, one more person will feel confident to celebrate the holiday when it comes round again.

  • Taking a short bicycle journey

Why not Cycle to Work Day past office hours and run errand on a bike as well? This is a great opportunity to support businesses that are bicycle-friendly, i.e. who keep parking racks near their entrances to keep bikers’ equipment safe. Do your grocery shopping, grab prescriptions, even visit a friend via bike this holiday.

  • A salon day for bike

We can pamper our bike on this day! If one is a bicycle-enthusiast he/she probably has a bike they rely on and that they use regularly. So, why not treat their bike with some glamorous touch-ups? There are a lot of accessories online that can make bike rides safer and more enjoyable, as well as gadgets that can provide information about rides and burned calories.


A Cycle to Work Day is still unfamiliar to many countries or nations in the world. So, the celebrators should come forward and create social awareness among people through articles, vlogs, and reels, in a word use all virtual media to popularize it. By doing so, it will gain momentum and soon be considered as an internationally celebrated day.

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