National Daughters Day 2022: When, Why & How is it Celebrate?

National Daughters Day 2022 is a Special Day to celebrate the gift of Daughters. Daughters are a blessing in any parent’s life. Daughters are like princesses, especially to fathers. Like other important days, Daughters Day also get their due importance. Therefore National Daughters Day is observed on 25 September every year. Daughters bring a lot of joy in the life of parents. The question may come to your mind that the purpose of this day is to express love to daughters only? not really

There is both love and duty towards daughters, and this day was observed to take a vow to observe them properly. Although girls are very loved, they are still neglected in many parts of the world. Even in today’s society they are often not given their due rights. That is why this day is celebrated in different countries. Although there are different dates for each see, their purpose is the same.

National Daughters Day 2022

As mentioned earlier, Kanya Divas is celebrated on different dates in different countries. But in most countries people celebrate this day on different dates in the month of September. In the United States, the day is observed on September 25. Some countries have chosen October 1 for Girls’ Day. No matter when the day is celebrated. Every day is dedicated to girls. On this day parents honor and praise their daughters.

This day is a time to recognize how important a role daughters play for their families. Parents who acknowledge their daughter’s work and contribution make this day more enjoyable. However, keep Reading and Learn More as Like:

  • What Day Is National Daughters Day?
  • What Is the Origin of National Daughters Day?
  • Is there a National Sons Day?
  • Why Do We Celebrate Daughters Day?
  • How to Celebrate Daughters Day and Show Love for Your Daughter

When is National Daughters Day 2022?

Daughters around the word enjoy the spotlight and spoiled on September 25. There are many similar Celebration falls on same date as Like World Daughters Day on September 28. Moreover, some Other Countries choose to celebration the National Daughters Day on October 1.

We research about Daughters day history. The Answer is In the United States of America, National Daughters Day are Celebrate on September 25. However, National Sons and Daughters Day Celebrate on 11 August and National Siblings Day Observed on April 10.

So, here’s the breakdown:

In India where it originated, National Daughter’s Day is celebrated on the Fourth Sunday of every September.

In the United States, it’s worked out slightly differently. it’s celebrated on Sunday, September 25 every year.

What other national days are there for daughters? Several other national days have sprung up to celebrate daughters, including:

  • International Day of the Girl Child October 11
  • Sisters Day First Sunday in August
  • Siblings Day April 10
  • Princess Day November 18
  • Daughters Day Fourth Sunday in September (India)
  • Girlfriends Day August 1
  • National Father–Daughter Day: 2nd Sunday of October
  • National Sons and Daughters Day: August 11

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Why we Celebrate National Daughters Day?

Before knowing why Daughters Day is celebrated, one should know a little about its history. What you may not know is that Daughter’s Day has a long history. It was originally celebrated in America since 1932. On this day a ceremony was conducted to organize women as they performed music and received gifts. In subsequent years also this day gained similar prominence. Although the day was not observed with much importance in the past, its origin was much earlier.

In our society, there is always a difference in the predominance of boys and girls. The day was originally started in the United States to protest against gender imbalance. Women have been subjected to various discrimination over the years. Don’t think that this problem has gone away. Still women are not given their full rights in society in many cases.

However, there has been an increase in people’s awareness of girls, even if discriminatory attitudes towards women have not changed completely. On Kanya Divas, women’s contribution and empowerment is given utmost importance. Besides, girls are neglected in many families. This day is observed so that every family wants to respect and appreciate girls.

How to Celebrate?

Daughter’s Day is celebrated in every country of the world through various arrangements. There are many things you can do to get your daughter out of a bind. If you haven’t praised your daughter’s work before, choose this day. Remember this is a day to recognize daughters only, so give less priority to your sons. Start the day by letting your daughter know how important she is in your life. Besides, you can plan a whole day with him.

Feed him the food he likes, praise him, welcome his contributions. Also, take your daughter for an outing, shopping her for something she loves. Moreover, you can give him any important responsibility on this day, in which he will feel important enough. If you are a father, don’t forget to play with your daughter. Take part in a dance with your daughter.

Celebration ideas for young girls

  • Go to the park and let them explore
  • Get crafty and make something together
  • Teach her something new (i.e., riding a bike, dancing, etc.)

Celebration ideas for teenagers

  • Give her a day of R&R
  • Cook up their favorite meal
  • Take them shopping

Celebration ideas for adults

  • Surprise her with a special gift basket delivery
  • Take her out to dinner
  • Go on a trip together

Remind your daughter that this day is just for her, so she must be aware of her own vulnerability. Moreover, you can give some important messages to those who are not aware about women, which will make them more aware about this day.

A daughter has a lot to contribute in your life. So this day was introduced so that no one would forget or deny it. People are becoming more and more aware of girls day by day. But girls are still lagging behind in many cases. So take a new pledge on this day to ensure the full rights of girls. Nevertheless, your daughter can be your pride. So strengthen your bonding with him and acknowledge his contribution.

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