Daylight Savings Day 2021: When, Why & Wishes, Messages Quotes

Daylight savings day is generally on the first Sunday in  November. This year first 7th of November is the first Sunday & it is called daylight savings day. It means that winter is coming & it reduces daytime. It gives you some extra time for sleep. Well, if you want to know in detail about daylight savings days, just stick with this article.

Daylight Savings Day

You can call daylight savings day daylight time or summertime. It is the process of advancing one hour in the summer season. For this darkness comes one hour later. In the spring season, time is forward by one hour & in the autumn season, time is backward by one hour so that it can return the real-time.

Though one-hour changes are traditional, in the past, twenty-one minute & two-hour changes have been followed. Time changes vary according to location & year. For instance, Central European Time is 6 hours forward of North American Eastern Time.

The United Kingdom and mainland Chile could be five hours apart during the northern summer, three hours during the southern summer, and four hours for a few weeks per year.

This method sometimes can disrupt traveling, record keeping, medical devices, etc.

History Of Daylight Savings Day

In 1784, Benjamin Franklin who was an American inventor first proposed the idea of daylight savings day. The inventor said that waking up earlier in the summer can save the day. But in 1895, George Hudson gave a proposal of changing time by two hours every spring. He wanted a long day to collect insects as he was an entomologist. People consider it an energy-saving process.

In 1916, The German Empire & Austria-Hungary made the first time implementation in their authority.

Daylight Savings Day-Date

Here are some dates of daylight savings day for the past years & the next years. Let’s check out it.

  1. 2020-1st November-Sunday
  2. 2021-7th November-Sunday
  3. 2022-6th November-Sunday
  4. 2023-5th November-Sunday
  5. 2024-3rd November-Sunday

Daylight Savings Day Activities

Here are some advantages of daylight savings day in our daily activities.

Make Special Breakfast:

You can wake up one hour earlier than usual. Then you can utilize this time by cooking a special breakfast as you are getting extra time. It’s a super way of creating a delightful day.

Getting Extra Time For A Party:

You can get extra time for a party as the bar closes one hour later in many countries. So, You can enjoy the party for a long time.

Going Outside:

Nature takes a beautiful look in early November. You can enjoy the beauty of nature. Besides, you can go for a walk or hike. This is a great way of spending some quality time with your family.

Daylight Savings Day Wishes, Messages, Quotes


Here are some excellent wishes for daylight savings day.

  • Happy Daylight Savings Day to all the people of all over the world.
  • Let us wish ourselves to sleep for hours & hours that indicates the daylight savings day.
  • Celebrate daylight savings day with your whole family & create a memorable event.


  • Daylight savings day has a widespread history
  • Try to celebrate this day with joy with your beloved ones


“There are very few things in the world I hate more than Daylight Savings Time. It is the grand lie of time, the scourge of science, the blight on biological understanding.”

-Michelle Franklin


Daylight savings day is an international method worldwide. It creates several opportunities for us. Nowadays, many countries are following the daylight savings day method. Hopefully, this article will help you to get a clear idea about the method.

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