Happy National Dog Day 2023: When and How to Celebrate

Happy National Dog Day 2023: Dogs are the most loyal of household pets. When there is a day for many dogs, why not for dogs? If you are a dog lover then good news for you is that National Dog Day is well celebrated on 26th August every year. The purpose of observing this special day is to honor it as the only faithful pet. Like every year, National Dog Day 2023 will be celebrated on 26th August by all dog lovers.

Undoubtedly, dogs are one of the best breeds that perform most of the activities from housekeeping to security. So on this day take action to protect dogs, remember their contribution and spend a happy day with them. However, if you don’t know the details of Dog Day then continue reading this post till the end.

National Dog Day 2023

Many people are very interested to know how Dog Day came about. Dog Day has a simple history. The day was first observed in 2004 by Colleen Paige, a dog trainer and animal rescue advocate. As he was an animal rescue advocate by profession, he introduced the day to raise awareness among people about protecting, rescuing and adopting dogs.

People observe the day not only to remember the day, but also to have a wonderful time expressing their love for dogs.

National Dog Day 2023 | International Dog Day
Celebrated: Annually
Celebration Date: August 26th
Celebrated In: United States of America (USA), Canada, UK
Holiday Type: National
Founder: Colleen Paige
Hashtag: #NationalDogDay

When Is National Dog Day Celebrated?

August 26 is a precious day for dog lovers. They look forward to spending a day with their beloved dog though every now and then they spend happy time with their dog. No matter what breed of dog you have in your home, they have the same focus on home security. People take their dogs for a walk in a nearby park or on a long drive on this day. You must know that pet dogs have a lot of human intelligence.

Event National Dog Day
Date August 26, 2023
Day Friday
Observed by United States

Dog lovers know how important Dog Day is. On this day, people are not only busy with their own dogs, but also make others aware of the importance of dog day, safety of dogs, adoption. Even those who don’t like dogs can instill love for this innocent animal.

Happy National Dog Day 2022

How To Celebrate National Dog Day?

There are numerous activities to celebrate Dog Day. Start the day with a hug from your faithful friend. Let your dog know that your love for him has grown even more. Do many photoshoots with her in different poses and share them on social media. Tell everyone about your favorite friend and don’t forget to share some of his fun activities. Prepare some fun food for him. Even let him choose what he likes to eat.

Take him to the playground and even play games with him as a treat for the day. If the dog is aggressive towards your friends, introduce your dog to them. Besides, everyone spends a lot of time together and the dog becomes their friend too. As a result, if they don’t have a dog at home they will likely want to adopt one. Apart from all these activities, don’t forget to share Dog Day status, messages, and quotes.

National Dog Day Facts

Now let’s learn some facts about this fascinating and lovely pets called dogs:

  1. Dogs have wet noses because it helps to absorb scent chemicals.
  2. A dog’s noseprint is just as unique as a human fingerprint.
  3. Don’t feed chocolates ever to your dog as it is very dangerous for them as it contains theobromine which dogs can’t metabolize.
  4. Dogs don’t sweat instead they pant to cool themselves.
  5. All puppies are actually born deaf. But when they get older they can hear 4 times better than humans.

FAQs on National Dog Day

1. When is National Dog Day is celebrated? 

National Dog Day is annually celebrated on 26th August in the US.

2. Who created National Dog Day? 

National Dog Day was created by Colleen Paige in 2004.

3. How many dog breeds are there? 

In the United States there are about 190 breeds of dogs, worldwide there are about 360 breeds.

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