Easter Sunday 2023: When, History and How to Observe

Easter Sunday 2023 date is Sunday, April 9. Easter Sunday is here, one of the most important and glorify festive holidays for all the Christians faith around the world. According to the New Testament of the Christian Bible, the day marks the event of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death (on the third day after Jesus Christ’s crucifixion). Additionally, this festival is the principal festive event of the Christian Church.

Importantly, Easter Sunday is called Pascha and Resurrection Sunday as well. However, the day is related to the Easter Triduum or Paschal Triduum. The  Easter Triduum or Paschal Triduum usually begins with the last supper going on through Good Friday on Maundy Thursday’s evening and the death, crucifixion and burial of Jesus into Holy Saturday as well. And it ends with the prayers and devotion in the evening of Easter Sunday.

Easter Sunday 2023

Did you know that Easter-tide season starts with Easter Sunday, which means Easter Sunday is the beginning of that season and the end of Lent? Additionally, Lent refers to the fasting and prayers of 40 days on Ash Wednesday ending on Holy Saturday. However,  Easter Sunday is the day on which Jesus was found, following his death by crucifixion on the previous Friday in an empty tomb in a cave by Mary Magdalen. Hence, the day is very significant to the Christians.

Easter Sunday 2023, furthermore is knocking at the door. Let’s take a closer look into “When is Easter Sunday 2023?” from below. However, Check This Happy Easter Sunday Wishes and Messages – What to write in an Easter card.

When is Easter Sunday 2023?

So when is Easter Sunday of 2023? The timing of Easter Sunday, by the way, varies from year to year because of “Movable Feast”. Additionally, Easter Sunday is a “Movable Feast” and it is celebrated every year between March 22 and April 25. Well, Easter Sunday 2023 is going to be held on Sunday, April 9. Additionally, “Orthodox Easter will take place on Sunday, April 16”. Want to Celebrate the Happy Easter Day With Some Best and Religious Easter Day Quotes by Sharing. Check out our top Pick Happy Easter Day Quotes and Saying.

History of Easter Sunday

Christian is one of the world’s largest religions and Easter Sunday is one of the most precious holidays of them. The history of Easter Sunday however is rich and very important. Let us know about the history of Easter Sunday briefly.

As of the Bible, Jesus was crucified by the Romans. In addition, Jesus was a popular religious leader, Jewish preacher and by many believers, he was the son of God. But three days later, he was resurrected and entombed from the grave through overcoming death and sacrificed for mankinds. And Jesus’s believer took that event as a miracle and Christians all over the world celebrate that miracle today as Easter Sunday.

How to Observe Easter Sunday?

Christians do a lot of colorful, deep and fascinating activities on Easter Sunday. There are several traditional activities observed as well. People on this day arrange several programs and events on the purpose of Easter Sunday. Furthermore, most Christians find pleasure in volunteering at churches. There are so many fascinating activities observed as well. Let’s look at them from below!

  • Having a clear concept about Easter Sunday and its history.
  • Knowing about Jesus.
  • Understanding the importance of Easter Sunday.
  • Attending several traditional activities for Easter Sunday.
  • Having an Easter Sunday dinner.
  • Attending or enjoying the Easter parade.

As Easter Sunday 2023 is here, you may come here to know about it. I hope that you are satisfied with my writing. However, enjoy your Easter Sunday with joys and fascinating celebrations. “Happy Easter Sunday”.

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