Forget Me Not Day 2022: When, History, Significance & Activities

What are your thoughts on National Forget Me Not Day? Every year on 10th November this day is observed in memory of some soldiers who sacrificed their various organs. This day was introduced in 1921. A fund was raised to provide services to soldiers who returned home wounded.

Although it is not an official holiday, it is still significant. People have little idea about this day. Since it was built in memory of the wounded soldiers, everyone should respect those soldiers. Learn more about the day from this article as all the information will be presented here.

When is Forget Me Not Day 2022?

the National Forget-me-not Day is dedicated to encouraging people to remember the sacrifices of soldiers who have fought the wars and to raise funds to support the wounded and disabled Military Veterans. On November 10 each year, America remembers the veterans of all wars. Forget Me Not Day, on November 10 is a day to ensure that we really won’t forget.

History of Forget Me Not Day:

You must have heard about the Great War. Many soldiers were killed and wounded in that battle. But the wounded soldiers did not receive care immediately but they came expecting to receive these cares long after the war was over. In fact, these injured people suffered a lot because they failed to get the necessary treatment. Moreover, the government was not aware of them.

Besides, there were very few organizations that provided service to the soldiers. This was followed by a movement in 1921 which was started by a wounded soldier. She talked about the need for treatment. Many others joined his movement. However, thanks to that soldier the day was recognized.

Significance of Forget Me Not Day:

The importance of this day is much more than you might think. People are usually busy remembering those who lost their lives in war but rarely think about those who are alive and wounded. They need to be more careful because survival is important. If they survive, they will participate in any fight and maintain the independence of the body.

Those who have died undoubtedly deserve respect but there is much more to be gained from those who are alive. They are injured and suffer mental agony along with loss of limbs only while providing security to the people of the country. It means they have fought on the battlefield and are still fighting with the body.

Soldiers only give us but never expect anything. People don’t even get a chance to do anything for them. This is the chance when you can do something for these great people. This is an opportunity to give proper care to the injured and thank them.

Forget Me Not Day Activities: 

This day will not let you forget the loss of someone. This day has some great activities that will give you self satisfaction. I search for some soldiers who are wounded. Also, look for charities that provide the care these people need. You can donate something to that charity. This is undoubtedly a great contribution.

Also, many of your friends or family may not understand the importance of this day, let them know about it. It is sad that not enough is known about this day. It probably indicates a disregard for the living. Everyone should be kind to these people because they constantly fight with the body despite being tired. Thank the injured people for losing their blood and organs and attending to the care.

How to Observe?

Remember to support our disabled veterans. Volunteer, donate, and wear a forget-me-not. You can also:

  • Learn more about the history of World War I.
  • Reconnect with a military veteran.
  • Hire a disabled veteran. Their wounds do not represent their skills.
  • Use #ForgetMeNotDay to post on social media.
  • Thank a disabled Veteran!

If there are any disabled Veterans in your family or community, thank them today with a bunch of Forget-Me-Not flowers or a thankyou note to convey that you remember their sacrifice, and they are not forgotten!

  • Donate to any of the veterans supporting organizations

If any favorite organizations are contributing to the cause of Veterans, get to know the organization and support the cause by donating for whatever is possible!

  • Wear a Forget-Me-Not T-shirt

Buy a Forget-Me-Not T-shirt and wear them today and show your support, as most of this money is used for fundraising for organizations to support Veterans!

  • Share your knowledge on Social Media

Observe this day by sharing your story via blogs or videos about Veterans and National Forget-Me-Not Day with family and friends on Social Media using hashtags #NationalForgetMeNotDay and #ForgetMeNotDay

Forget Me Not Day

Forget Me Not Day Wishes, Quotes and Messages

1. Distance can never keep us apart because you live in my heart….. Sending you best wishes on Forget Me Not Day so that you never forget me.

2. On Forget Me Not Day, I just wanted to tell you my sweet friend that you are always in my thoughts, in my heart, even when I don’t see you for months.

3. You know that you will be dead if you ever dare to forget me….. Wishing you a very Happy Forget Me Not Day to remind you that you always have to remember me.

4. You can forget the world but you cannot forget your family because it is like forgetting your own self….. Best wishes on Forget Me Not Day to you.

5. To the most amazing family, on Forget Me Not Day, I just want to tell you that though I am far away but you are always very close to me.

6. Forget Me Not Day is a sweet reminder to tell my sweet family that you are missed each and every day and I hope to see you all soon.

7. Never forget those who love you because if they forget you, you presence will be of no importance.

8. If you really love someone, you never forget them because they are always fresh in your heart and memories.

9. You don’t really need distance to forget someone….. And you can never forget someone whom you love despite the distance.

Facts About National Forget-Me-Not Day:

Here a few Interesting facts surrounding National Forget-Me-Not Day!

  • Forget-Me-Nots are low growing herbs that reach up to 12 inches in width and height
  • Forget-Me-Nots have leaves that are elliptical but blunt at the tip
  • Forget-Me-Not is the State flower of Alaska since the year of 1949
  • Forget-Me-Nots symbolize true love, remembrance, and faithfulness
  • According to the 2019 records, there were 12,987 veterans alive who had served through WWII, the Korean War and also the Vietnam War
  • As of 2019, the California state has the highest population of Veterans ( 1.56 million), followed by Texas (1.46 million), and Florida with 1.44 million veterans!
  • Veterans constitute the rough 11% of adults who tend to become homeless.

Forget Me Not Day is an important day because it reminds you of the people who have been hurt. Buy a bouquet of flowers today and gift it to a wounded person you know who has contributed to a great cause. Don’t just give flowers, don’t forget to thank her. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know any such people.

Some posts paying tribute to them on social media. You can share status or captions. Basically, think that they too deserve your thanks, love and appreciation. Give the day more importance and recognize the contribution of those wounded people.

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