Good Friday 2023: When, Why and How to Celebrate Easter Friday

Happy Good Friday! However, Good Friday is the day of holiday of Christians before Easter. The day is actually observed to commemorate the passion, crucifixion and death of Jesus Christ at Calvary (By the Christian Bible). Importantly, Christians observed the day as a day of regret, sadness, sorrow, fasting and penance in the early days.

The word “Good” means something positive, precious feelings etc. But the main purpose of Good Friday is sorrowful, as the day marks the event of the commemoration of Jesus’s suffering and death. But why do we call and mark the day as “Good Friday”? Let us find out this answer along with some more info in this article! Additionally, the day is also known as Great Friday, Holy Friday, Great and Holy Friday and Balck Friday.

By the way, “Good Friday” is generally celebrated after “Maundy Thursday”. Read and know about Maundy Thursday from our site.

Good Friday 2023

The willing suffering and death of Jesus by crucifixion is generally remembered on Good Friday. But the day is a personal day of praying and devotioning for many. However, it is a precious but also a black day for the Christians. So every year, the Chritians wait for this day with a lot of hope and devotion.

Furthermore, “Good Friday” 2023 is at the door and will be held on the upcoming 7 April at Friday, 2023.

When is Good Friday 2023?

Before knowing the exact timing of Good Friday for 2023, let us know what the actual timing of Good Friday is each year. However, Good Friday is observed each year on the Friday before the “Liturgical season of Christians” of Easter Sunday. Additionally, this timing may be different from year to year. Well, Christians observe Easter Sunday on the first Sunday after the Spring equinox or after the first full moon (according to the CBC).

And this year, the “Good Friday” is going to be held on 7 April, 2023, Friday.

Why Do We Celebrate Good Friday?

There is a reason behind everything. Hence, Good Friday has a rich history and so many reasons. Did you know about the origins of “Good Friday”? If not, check out this part.

Well, the day was sorrowful, but we call it “Good Friday” instead of “Bad Friday” or something similar. In Garman, the day is called “Sorrowful Friday” (Karfreitag). However, it is believed by some that it was developed from the term “God’s Friday”. There are also several doctrines available for Good Friday, but the exact origin of Good Friday is still unknown.

How to Celebrate Good Friday?

Chritians, all over the world usually observe the anniversary of Jesus’s crucifixion and death on “Good Friday” before Easter Sunday. People observe the day by praying and fasting. Moreover, one of the most heartfelt activities of the day is to remember the timing of Jesus’s hunging on the cross in the afternoon or 3 pm at many churches. Besides these, there are also many more important activities and observations available. Let’s know about them from below. I have presented them within bullets.

  • Attending religious activities and completing religious tasks.
  • Volunteering at churches.
  • Learning about “Good Friday”.
  • Knowing the history of “Good Friday”.
  • Knowing about “Jesus Christ”.

Good Friday is a pious day for Christians. They remember the day of suffering and death of Jesus. Actually, Jesus sacrifices his life for his believers and humans. He always thought about his mankinds before thinking of Him. However, let us observe the upcoming “Good Friday” with deep prayers, fasting, devotion and humility.

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