Halloween 2022: Date, History, How and why We Celebrate

The Halloween 2022 is Just Around the Corner. Every Year on October 31, The spookiest Festival Halloween is Celebrate all across the world. Halloween is a popular day celebrated in almost all countries of the world. Although the day originated in America, it has gradually gained worldwide recognition. This day is celebrated every year on October 31 with various activities. According to ancient history, the last day of the month of October is inauspicious because on this day dead people come back in terrible form and harm people.

That’s why people stay up almost all night by dressing up in strange clothes and decorating the house with spooky paraphernalia. It is a scary day but everyone enjoys it with different food and activities. They dress up as ghosts, witches, demons and fairies and attend parties. People also enjoy sips of pumpkin spiced drinks with their friends.

However, you need to read this entire article to know why and how the day is celebrated. Hopefully, all your ideas will be clear. Perhaps you don’t want to miss any information about this wonderful day.

Halloween Date:

Every year, Halloween is celebrated on October 31. A day before All Hallows’ Day is known as All Hallows’ Eve, which came to be shortened to be known as Halloween.

Year Day of Halloween
2022 Monday, October 31
2023 Tuesday, October 31

History: Why Do We Celebrate Halloween?

Samhain is an ancient Celtic festival that introduced Halloween. Since then people believed that dead people come back to earth on the last day of October and harm people. Not only that, they also cause considerable damage to the crops produced. In ancient times, people dressed up as ghosts and celebrated the day by staying up all night to fight against these spirits. It is in continuation of this that today people irrespective of religion observe the day.

Although people have been observing the day for years for the same purpose, most people don’t fear it that much now. But people enjoy these activities a lot. Activities such as dress up, dancing, singing, collecting chocolates etc. are very popular among the people on this day. Moreover, it is a holiday that gives everyone the freedom to celebrate as they like. But people never want to deny history despite having fun and believe in it and organize a lot on the day.

How We Celebrate Halloween Day?

Halloween activities are very fun. Almost everyone, including children, waits for the night of October 31 to fall. As darkness falls, the children dress up in some spooky costumes and roam around. Besides, elders join various parties. Children go to different houses and knock on doors. They basically want chocolate and they keep on shouting until they get it.

If you attend a Halloween party, you will no doubt be scared enough because there might be a skeleton waiting at the door to invite you or something even more terrifying. Another attraction of this day is the pumpkin which people decorate in different ways. Light the candles inside the pumpkin to give it a spooky look, it will surely add a new dimension to Halloween.

  • you can go to the Event with you Family.
  • you can do pumpkin Carving at the Event.
  • Little Boys and Girls Can dance in Ghost Clothes.
  • You can give Chocolate gifts to Halloween Celebration.
  • Happy Halloween! Celebrate this Halloween in a t-shirt! Cover your body with amazing Halloween t-shirts.

To Sum Up

Halloween was first observed by Americans and Europeans but gradually it spread everywhere. People enjoy each and every activity of this day a lot. This day is quite different compared to the daily life as children and adults live in a different feeling which makes them scared and has a lot of fun. However, the reason and process of celebrating the day is probably clear to you. Halloween 2022 is just around the corner, so get lost in the day with a weird costume and lots of chocolate.

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