National Hamburger Day 2023: Quotes, Wishes and Messages

Every year May 28th is observed as Hamburger Day which is a fun holiday. Do you love to eat hamburgers? Then perhaps you have not forgotten about National Hamburger Day because this day is celebrated on the 28th of May. Hamburgers are an iconic food for Americans. They organize various kinds of events to celebrate this day. People share wonderful wishes and messages for this day that make others happy.

From today’s article you will know about the most used wishes and messages about the day. These usually give a better understanding of the importance of the day. It also represents the history of the day. The day is associated with some interesting American facts that will surprise you. However, keep reading the further sections of the article, it will surely give you a comprehensive idea about the day.

National Hamburger Day Wishes

– You will get mood when you eat good food like a burger. Happy national burger day.

– We all have to take time to eat a burger to appreciate the taste.

– Today is national burger day. My whole body is on diet except my mouth!

– When life throws you in pain, have a burger and relax.

– Everyone wants a change, even burger needs one.

– Today forget your diet and have a burger. Happy national burger day to all.

– I prefer to have a diet coke with a burger so that I don’t get fat.

– Today satisfy your burger cravings because it is national burger day.

– French fries taste better with a burger. So have French fries with a burger!

– The journey of getting fat begins with a burger.

– Eat a burger today as you never had one. National burger day.

– A burger is my best friend. Whenever I need it, it will be by my side.

A surprising fact about this day is that Americans eat about 50 billion hamburgers during this time, which is much more than any other time of the year. They send each other wishes and reminisce about the day. However, Americans never forget this day because this dish is one of their favorite foods. People usually have this hamburger as a menu during their meal times on May 28.

They have this dish in their lunch and dinner. If you’re an American and a friend sends you a birthday wish, assume he’s inviting you to join him for a burger party at least once. Even if he doesn’t invite you, go to his house because no doubt his house is hosting a lot of burgers today where you can eat unlimited burgers. A truly wonderful day comes once a year when there’s no stopping you from eating a burger.

National Hamburger Day Messages

– Exercise? I thought you said burger! National burger day.

– Talk less and work more. I am working on eating a burger.

– A balanced diet is a burger in each hand. Burger day wishes to all foodies out there.

One cannot get good sleep, cannot love well, and think well until he has a burger.

– The burger is not just for eating but to get experience.

– Buying a burger is the way to my heart! Have a tastier burger day.

– A cook brings the soul into food. A burger will keep that soul satisfied.

– My mind says Gym, but my heart says burger!

Burger Day messages are even better. These will surely make your day more beautiful. Send a message to your friend who doesn’t like to eat veggies because this burger might make you eat some veggies. Tell your friend that he should eat this tasty and healthy food because it contains some healthy ingredients. The day is actually meant to be enjoyed, so if you don’t celebrate it you’re probably missing out on a lot.

Burger Day is all about eating burgers. If you love to eat burgers and can’t eat burgers all year long then this day is just for you which will give you an opportunity to eat a lot of burgers. When you are at a party with friends, you have the opportunity to eat as many burgers as you want. Besides, you can go to some restaurants in America that will have different flavors of burgers available on this day. So this is the perfect time to taste different burgers.

Hamburger Day Captions for Instagram

Cheese and hamburger taste gouda together.

Life is too short to miss out on hamburgers.

It’s hamburger o’clock!

A hamburger without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze.

The only bad hamburger is the one you didn’t eat!

We go together like a hamburger and fries.

Hamburger is the answer to all life problems.


I work out because I love burgers!

Hamburger Day is celebrated every year on May 28, but this day did not come naturally. The day came with a history. So you should remind others about the day with wishes and messages. The day has many things to enjoy, especially burgers, which are Americans’ favorite food. So if you don’t want to miss out on eating burgers on your own, be sure to join friends and invite them to the party via message.

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