Happiness Happens Day (8th August) | When, Why, How to Celebrate

Happiness happens, at any time, any place. But do you know that there is a day to celebrate the happening of happiness? I guess you don’t. Well, yes, there is. There is a fixed day which is celebrated as “Happiness Happens Day” every year. The holiday is based on the concept that happiness is contagious, bound-free, beyond infinity and sharing one’s happiness will spice it up a bit. It can also bring a lots of joy in other people’s lives. As said before, happiness is contagious, so if you are happy, tell someone! If someone else is happy, listen to them! This is what Happiness Happens Day is all about.

When is Happiness Happens Day

This holiday is celebrated on 8th August each year. This means that the upcoming Happiness Happens Day is only three days later!

Why it is celebrated

Happiness Happens Day is all about having unlimited amounts of happiness. This day encourages happiness throughout the full day. It is all about recognizing every moment of pleasure, delight, and sheer joy. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said: “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” We can’t help disagree with it!

Another component of this celebration is not “press and flattening out” another person’s happiness. To be very truthful, we have gone through some moments or phases, when we found others happiness disgusting or somewhat irritated with them. It could be because their happiness, happen. Nevertheless, it is important to realize that our bad days do not give us the right to squash another person’s happiness. Instead, we should allow their happiness to make us feel that way. And sharing positive vibes can attract positive vibes too. In a word, positivity begets positivity and by sharing joys and love, we can turn our world to a much better place. If we notice someone else who is down, we can try to make them smile.

History of Happiness Happens Day

It was started by the Secret Society of Happy People. The Secret Society of Happy People is an organization that was founded in August 1998. The secret society was formed to celebrate happiness in all of its forms. The main founder is Pamela Gail Johnson. The headquarters of this society is situated in Irving, Texas. According to Johnson, the society was established to assist people in fighting for their rights to become happy and express how happy they are no matter how loud they get.

The society also encourages its members to recognize all of their happy moments in their lives. They have two mottos: first is “Happiness Happens” and second is “D even think of raining on my parade”. The society declared the eighth day of August as the Happiness Happens Day and also the entire month of August as the Happiness Happens Month.

How to celebrate

Here is a bunch of activities given below to celebrate the best Happiness Happens Day:

Do something that makes you happy

Perhaps doing something funny or merry-making will be the best way to celebrate this day. E.g., doing hobbies or traveling or eating favorite food. Besides, spending time with loved ones is also a nice way to spread happiness.

Spread happiness around you

Happiness is meant to be shared. This happily interaction will pacify our stress, tension and anxiety. Just doing random acts of charity, helping others and making others feel happy is enough. By doing so you are also encouraging them to show love towards. A ripple of happiness is just what you have created.

Celebrating on social media

Taking pictures, posting them on social media and creating a new hashtag can popularize this day. Social media now-a-days is a huge platform to celebrate days like this and for gaining popularity.


Most people tend to remember the negative and bad things that have happened to them, rather than the millions of good things that happen to people on a daily basis. If we focus more on the positive, we will be able to spread happiness. This is the message of Happiness Happens Day.

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