Happy Bastille Day 2022: History, Date, Celebrate, Significant & Wishes

Happy Bastille Day 2022 is Observed on July 14th and Marks the Birth of The French Republic. It is National Day of France Known as ““Fête nationale” to the French, and Bastille Day in English-speaking countries. So, July 14th is France’s National day, La Fête Nationale. The Bastille was 14th Century Medieval Fortress that became a State Prison. After Years of Misrule by The Monarchy, The French People Had United in a popular Uprising.

On July 14th 1789, The People of Pris Marched on The Bastille. The Storming of The Prison Began The French Revolution and Came to Symbolize liberty and democracy. A Year Later on July 14th 1790, Delegrates From Across France assembled in Paris to Proclaim Their Allegiance at The Fête de la Fédération.

Happy Bastille Day

Basille Day Was Declared a French National Holiday on July 6th 1880. In France, it is referred to as la Fête Nationale (“National Holiday”), le quatorze juillet (The Fourteenth of July) or la fête du 14-Juillet (14th July Holiday).

Happy Bastille Day

Much like the Fourth of July in America, Bastille Day—known in France as la Fête nationale or le 14 juillet (14 July)—is a public holiday in France, celebrated by nationwide festivities including fireworks, parades and parties.

How is Bastille Day celebrated?

Bastille Day Celebration Start From The Morning of July 14th With a Grand Military Parade Along the Champs Élysées. Known as ‘Le Défilé’ (the parade). More than 4,00 Servicemen Involved in The Oldest and largest Military Parade in Europe and is Attended by The French President and Other Key Dignitaries.

Bastille Day Parade

Do You Know? La Fête Nationale is also a public holiday on July 14th in French Guiana, French Polynesia, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Mayotte, New Caledonia, Réunion, Saint Barthélemy, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre et Miquelon and Wallis and Futuna.

Normally France marks its Fête nationale with a military parade on the Champs-Élysées, fireworks and fire station balls.

Bastille Day Fireworks
Bastille Day Fireworks

Bastille Day Quotes, Status, Wishes, Messages and Images

Bastille Day is Also Called as France Independence Day. However, when it comes wishing French people for the day, saying happy bastille day is wrong, La Fete Nationale is the formal word for wishing.

Bastille Day Quotes In English

  • Happy Bastille Day! Love France and embrace everything that is French.
  • There is nothing more beautiful than France. Love everything about it. Bonne Fete Nationale 14 Juillet.
  • Bonne Fete Nationale! Lots of love to France and love being a French.
  • The rich cultural, social, architectural heritage of France make it one of the best countries in the world, and the people of the country as the best citizen in the world. Proud to be a French. Bonne Fete Nationale 14 Juillet.
  • Had France not in the world, how the world would have known about romance and love. Love you France. Bonne Fete Nationale.

Bastille Day Images

Bastille Day Quotes In French

Bonne Fete Nationale! We are the proud citizens of France. Let’s make our country know by our name, give it a new identity.
Le Quatorze Juillet! Joyeux 14 Juillet! We all love you France.
Our unity can bring down our biggest enemy. Let’s make our country proud of us. Bonne Fete Nationale!
A strong nation is the one whose citizens are united and have respect and passion for their country, just like France. Bonne Fete Nationale!

Bastille Day Pictures

Bastille Day Messages

The happiness of celebrating independence day is something that only the one who has been living in slavery for years would understand. Bonne Fete Nationale!
The glory of the French revolution and bastille day is unforgettable. Let’s pay tribute to our true leaders. Bonne Fete Nationale!
Lots of wishes to you for the Bonne Fete Nationale! May you have a great day and enjoy every moment.
To every French citizen, may you have a great time on 14 of July, and pay your highest tribute to our heroes who sacrificed their lives to give us this beautiful gift.
Lots of wishes to you and your family for the Independence day. Bonne Fete Nationale!

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