Happy Onam 2020: Onam Messages, Quotes, Wishes and Greeting

Onam is a Major Annual Harvest Festival in Kerala in India. The Happy Onam Festival is Celebrated Mainly by The People of Keralites in and Out of India. Kearal People Are Going To Celebrate The Most Auspicious 13 Days Onam Festival With Lot of Devotion and Harmony in The Region. The Onam Festical on 22nd Nakshatra Thiruvonam in The Malayalam Calendar of The Month of Chingam.

The Festival Generally Falls in The month of August – September and This year Onam Festival Will be Celebrated from September 1, 2020. The Festival is Celebrate To Honour King Mahabali, Whose Spirit is said to visit Kerala at the time of Onam.

Happy Onam 2020 Festival

Happy Onam is The Biggest Festival of The Year in Kerala in India. On This Day People Decorated Their House With flowers and Patterns To Welcome The king Mahabali. The Festival Also Celebrated by The People With Wearing New Clothes. Feasts Served on Banana Leaves As part of the festivities people also participate in Vallam Kali (boat races), Pulikali (tiger dances), Pookkalam (flower arrangement), Onathappan (worship), Onam Kali, Tug of War, Thumbi Thullal (women’s dance), Kummattikali (mask dance), Onathallu (martial arts), Onavillu (music), Kazhchakkula (plantain offerings), Onapottan (costumes), Atthachamayam (folk songs and dance), among other fun activities.

Onam Festival Celebrated During Four Days. This year First Onam Will be Start on September 10 (The Day Before Thiru Onam) and Fourth Onam Will be on September 13.

Onam Messages Quotes

Here are some of the best Onam messages, WhatsApp and Facebook statuses, quotes, wishes, and greetings to share on Onam with your loved ones:

It’s Onam! So, let’s celebrate the spirit of the harvest festival in all its splendour. Decorate your house with pookalams, listen to the melodious Onappattus and enjoy the auspicious festival of Onam!

Hope Onam brings good fortune for you, Happy Onam!

On the colourful occasion of Onam, I wish you bountiful of happiness and prosperity!

* May the spirit of Onam guide you in your life and fulfill what you desire and hope for the best.

As Onam spirit travel all over I wish a happy Onam with grant Onam Sadya and happiness, Happy Onam to you and your family.

May this festival of Onam be a harbinger of cheer, Good luck, peace and prosperity, that lasts a whole year. Wish you a Happy Onam!

This Onam may you be showered with Good luck, prosperity and happiness, have a wonderful Onam

* Celebrate this Onam festival with joy and happiness. Cheers to this auspicious occasion! Happy Onam everyone!

Mat this spirit of Onam remains everywhere whatever you do, whatever you think, whatever you hope in your life. Happy Onam!

May the colour and lights of Onam fill your home with happiness and joy. My heartfelt wishes on Onam Happy!

Onam brings with it the promise of abundance, happiness and prosperity, so may your life be filled with goodness and may all cares and worries fade away!

Onam is the time for poookalam on floor, children on swings, tiger clad men with hunters behind them. People enjoying sadhyas with family. May this Onam bring joy and prosperity to all.

Happy Onam! May God bless you and your family and fill your home with the lights and colours of Onam happiness and joy!

Onam is a celebration of the home-coming of Emperor Mahabali. May you enjoy the love and bounties of nature by sharing it with your family.
Wishing that King Mahabali blesses you with all that you desire!
Celebrate this Onam festival with joy and happiness. Cheers to this auspicious occasion! Happy Onam everyone!

Onam Images

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