Human Rights Day 2022: When, Why and How to Observed?

Today is Human Rights Day 2022. The international community annually celebrates Human Rights Day every year on 10th December. The UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights on 10th December 1948, and there was a groundbreaking document with 30 fundamental rights of people. These rights were anything from food to shelter, sharing thoughts, education, etc. A foundation is provided by Human Rights day to create a peaceful and beautiful world with its beautiful people.

Human Rights Day 2022

Human Rights day is generally a great day for all people worldwide. So most people wait for this day every year. The Human Rights day of 2022 is very close, and that is on 10th December on Friday. In addition, it is a more enjoyable day for the general people of any country.

Human Rights

Do you know about Human Rights? If not, then keep reading. I have given some of the Human Rights lists below.

  • All peoples are equal in rights.
  • Every human being on the planet has the right to get equal respect or dignity.
  • They have the Rights to get freedom.
  • They have the rights to get an education.
  • They have the rights to get treatment.
  • They have the rights to personal security.
  • They have the rights to their property.
  • They have marriage rights.
  • They have the rights to take a rest.
  • They have the rights to give opinions, expressions.
  • They have the rights to provide their thoughts.
  • They have the rights to offer their vote to their favorite persons.
  • They have the freedom from discrimination.
  • They have freedom from slavery, torture.
  • They have the freedom from exile.
  • They have the freedom from arbitrary arrest.
  • They have the freedom of information.
  • They have the freedom to believe.
  • They have the privilege of religion.

How to Observed the Day?

Learn about Human Rights

As many of us don’t know about their rights, we should learn about Human Rights and spread Human Rights among people.

Arrange a Program about Human Rights day.

Arranging a program about Human Rights day, different kinds of people will be gathered together and discuss their rights.

Attend or Enjoy Human Rights day related festivals.

On Human Rights day, various kinds of festivals will be arranged. You can attend and enjoy these festivals, and you will be able to learn about different new things about Human Rights.

Learn to Protect Human Rights.

Many human rights are being lost gradually, and we should research these and learn to protect them.

Spread Human Rights.

By spreading human rights, people will be able to know about their rights, their freedom, and which will be great achievements for a country.

Learn the History of Human Rights Day.

The history of Human Rights day is huge and significant. We all should know the history.

Watch Human Rights-related Speech on Television.

Various Human Rights day-related programs are shown on television on Human Rights day. By seeing these programs, we will learn more about Human Rights day.

Share Your Thoughts about Human Rights on Social Media.

You can share your thoughts about Human Rights on Social Media, which will contribute to spreading the importance of Human Rights Day.

Human Rights day quotes messages, wishes.

Send messages to your friends, family, or relatives about Human Rights day related quotes, news, wishes.

Why Human Rights Day?

Human Rights Day is an International Day, but most of us don’t know that. Did you know? Many people don’t even know about their rights. They don’t know the meaning of rights. Doesn’t it hurt you? Well, think that you are without your rights, such as you have no the rights to eat, no the rights to say anything, no the rights to earn, no the rights to live in your own shelter. It will be so painful, won’t it?

Do you know? By celebrating Human Rights day, people can know about their rights and hold up their voice about their rights even the little kids are able to learn about their little rights. It is so amazing.

Rights are our rights. As human beings, as citizens of a country, we have a lot of things to do, have a lot of things to get, have a lot of things to leave, and all these are our rights. So we all should celebrate Human Rights day properly.

Cynthia Russell

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