Indigenous Peoples Day 2022: When, Why & How is it Celebrated?

Indigenous Peoples Day 2022 is celebrated annually on the second Monday of October in the country to recognize and honor the culture and history of Native Americans. In this case the date varies. In 2022, the day will be celebrated on 10th October. The day commemorates all things tribal. This day was mainly observed to protect the culture and rights of the indigenous people. Americans believe that indigenous peoples have a substantial role in preserving traditional knowledge. Even if they did not have this culture, the current culture would not have come.

Although the day is celebrated differently around the world, Americans have chosen a different day that they have observed nationally for many years. Jaihawk, the talk about Indigenous Day does not end here. You have more to know because there are probably indigenous people in your country too. This article will give you a lot of information about this day. Hopefully, you will be able to gain enough knowledge about it.

Indigenous Peoples Day 2022

In 1977, the United Nations held an International Conference on Discrimination where discrimination against indigenous cultures was clearly highlighted. Basically from that time the matter came into discussion. Later in 1989, South Dakota became the first to recognize this day. Several other states welcomed the decision. Although the day was first considered as Columbus Day until 1937, people recognize it as the Indigenous Peoples’ Day.

The purpose is to celebrate and honor the culture of the native American people. They did not want to accept the day as Columbus Day as it makes them remember the previous 500 years of violence that occurred by European explorers such as Columbus and others. So, to wipe the painful history of European oppression, this day has been recognized as only Indigenous day or Native American people day who keep sustaining the culture over years.

Over the years indigenous peoples have struggled to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day, and have finally succeeded. Even so, the city gradually spread in the state. Eventually they recognized the day and it was decided that it would be celebrated every year on the second Monday of October. Americans observe the day to show respect to indigenous peoples not only in America, but around the world because they believe that no society can progress without the culture of the East.

Why is Indigenous Peoples Day Celebrated?

Indigenous peoples are often neglected because their past culture is considered incompatible with the current culture. But actually this idea is not true. Any society thinks of improving its culture only when there is an old culture in existence. So we all should be respectful to the Eastern culture.

Basically this day is observed to spread this idea among all. In many countries of the world indigenous people are deprived but we must not forget that they are also part of us. Tribals play a significant role in establishing a democratic, secular and progressive political and civil society.

How is Indigenous Peoples Day Celebrated?

Indigenous people and common people perform several activities to celebrate this day. If you’re an American, remember that the day is a time to know a lot and do a lot. As part of celebrating the day, you can read the book “An Indigenous People’s History Of The United States” because it tells about the history of the indigenous people.

Besides, you can organize various events where you can share the joy with the tribal people. Native American organizations also host events that you can join with friends and family. Moreover, you can watch any movie related to Indigenousi with friends and family. Also, if you have any tribal friends, invite them to your home and have them eat delicious food.

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