International Women’s Day 2022: When, Why and How to Celebrate

International Women’s Day is A Special Day to Observed. Every Year March 8 is Celebrate as Women’ Day. Thinking about upcoming International Women’s Day 2022, we are going to highlight our today’s discussion on this significant topic. The theme regarding the women’s day of this year has already been selected by the UN. Here, we have included all essential parts, including history, themes and some new ideas to celebrate the day. Go through this comprehensive discussion to know all exclusive information.

International Women’s Day

Women’s Day is a genuine and meaningful day of advocacy for women’s rights and equality around the world. It identifies the justice, purity and dignity of the women. The main motto is celebrating this day is to increase the visibility of women’s achievements in all aspects of life. Throughout this day, the world tries to uphold the strength and resilience of women. Scroll down to learn in depth

What other national days are there Related to Womens? Several other national days have sprung up to celebrate daughters, including:

  • Siblings Day April 10
  • National Sons and Daughters Day: August 11 

When is International Women’s Day 2022?

International Women’s Day celebrates on March 08 across the globe. This significant day is observed annually to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.

8 March 2022 (Tuesday) is the International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day dates

Year Date Day
2022 March 8 Tuesday
2023 March 8 Wednesday
2024 March 8 Friday

Moreover, it is the day when we get together to uphold the important role of women in the history of several countries and communities. The people around the world take some action, where they appreciate the efforts and contribution of the women.

Women’s Day 2022 Theme:

Like previous years, women’s day will be celebrated based on a solid motto. To think about this, United Nations Women have already selected the theme for women’s day 2022 last December. According to their announcement, the theme will be “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”

International Women’s Day 2022 Theme is “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow.”

The primary mission of women’s day of this year is building such a world, whether there will be gender equality during this climate change crisis. Also, it is desiring to have a world that is free of bias. The mission is hoped to be filled by the contribution of women and girls around the world.

The Climate crisis is being in the most challenging part of the 21st century. Being to be a major part of the world, women are always in a great impact of this than the man. Thus, they need to be effective and powerful leaders for this climate adaption.

It can be expected that their involvement will be enough to bring noticeable changes in climate impacts. For this, achieving gender equality is a must need when there are facts of fixing climate change and disaster risk reduction policies. Most importantly, it is quite hard to build a sustainable future when there is no gender quality.

Women’s Day Images
Women’s Day Images

History of Women’s Day

There have various controversies related to the history of women’s day. It was the year 1908, and there have too much oppression and inequality in New York City. Thus, they got together in campaigning and raised their voices for changes in shorter hours, better pay and voting rights. About 15,000 women participated in marches and raised their demands.

According to the declaration by the Socialist Party of America in 1909, the first Women’s Day was observed across the United States. To the flowing year, a second International Conference of 100 women from 17 countries was held in Copenhagen. The Leader of the ‘Women’s Office’ in Germany, Clara Zetkin, proposed the idea of celebrating Women’s Day every year in every country.

According to this decision, International Women’s Day was celebrated for the first time in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland on March 19, 1911. Over the years of 1913-1914, when the world was facing World War 1, Russian women celebrated their first International Women’s Day on February 23. Then, it was held on the last Sunday in February.

But in accordance with the following discussion, it is decided to observe International Women’s Day on March 8 annually. In 1975, the day was observed as International Women’s Day for the first time in the United Nations. In 1996, The UN announced the first theme of women’s day, “Celebrating the Past, Planning for the Future”.

How to Celebrate the Day

The day is celebrated across almost every country of the world with great dignity. In various countries, it is a national holiday. The day is a half-day off work in China. In the United States, the month is considered Women’s History Month. Also, in Italy, it is observed by the giving of mimosa blossoms.

Now, when the term comes to us of celebrating the day, we can bring some creativity to this. Here we have to keep some effective steps that will reflect the themes like raising awareness against bias and taking action for equality. Look through our below suggested idea that will assist you in planning for this women’s day:

1.    First, involve your selves and also inspire others to take part in the #BreakTheBias campaign on social media. Here, you may take a photo of yourself crossing your hands and post it to your social media accounts.

2.    For the cornea pandemic, most of the events of women’s day will take place virtually. Thus, organize some effective and thoughtful events online and invite your surroundings to participate. You may host there as speaker.

3.    You can arrange a small get-together under your community where you can put up the theme of women’s day 2022 to those who are still not aware of this now.

4.    When arranging the campaign or getting together for gender quality, you must invite and encourage your male friends or teammates to participate.

5.    While doing all these, don’t forget to date gifts wishing cards to your surrounding women. The family member is the best starting here.

6.    Most importantly, you may arrange a small charity and inspire your community to donate their desired amount there.

Women’s Day 2022

Women’s day is the right time to cheer and proud yourself to be a woman for the all-women community. In every stage of life, women are always ahead to build a better place by their strength, empowerment, determination and belief. Anyway, when the fact is making up a sustainable world by gender quality, thus we all should take part in all the events of this day.

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