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Happy Jamhuri Day 2022: Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Images

Jamhuri Day is a national day in Kenya. Every year on 12th December, Jamhuri Day is celebrated. It is a holiday for the general population, business people and students. In addition, this day is also known as Republic Day or Independence Day. Kenya’s two events of history are linked with observing Jamhuri Day. One is Kenya’s Independence from the United Kingdom on 12th December 1963, and another is Kenya becoming a republic on 12th December 1964. Kenya is located in Eastern Africa.

The primary purpose of observing Jamhuri Day is to remember Kenya’s admittance in 1964 as a republic country and mark the country’s Independence in 1964 from Great Britain. Did you know the word Jamhuri is the Swahili word for the republic? 

Jamhuri Day

Kenya’s historical significance is its Independence and being a republic, and due to this historical significance, Kenya’s one of the most important national holidays is Jamhuri Day. The day is celebrated with Kenya’s cultural heritage-related events such as parades, feasts, political speeches, recitation, etc. On this day, at Nairobi’s Nyayo Stadium, Kenya’s president gives a speech to government officials and military forces.

Kenya’s president also inspects the parades and takes the national salute. The people mark their Independence by many festivals on this day. The flag is hoisted all over the country. On every Jamhuri Day, the Trooping of the Colour of the Defence Forces of Kenya occurs, and the ceremony starts at 11:30 am. 

Jamhuri Day 2022

The people of Kenya enjoy the day so much as it’s one of the most important national days. That’s why every year, Kenya’s people wait eagerly for this day as well as in 2022. And there is good news for Kenya’s people: the Jamhuri Day of 2022 is very close and near. It will be held just after a few days on 12th December on Sunday. It’s good news for Kenya’s people. 

Ways to Celebrate the Day

Kenya’s people enjoy the day with many attractive and pleasant activities. I’m going to share some great ways to celebrate the day. 

Attend or Enjoy Jamhuri Day Related Festivals

There are a lot of Jamhuri Day-related festivals that will be arranged on Jamhuri Day. Try to attend or enjoy those festivals. You can also participate in Jamhuri Day-related speech competitions, recitation competitions, etc.

Arrange a Little Program about Jamhuri Day in Your Local.

Suppose there is no program on Jamhuri Day in your local area. Then why not a new one? Arrange a Jamhuri Day-related program Jamhuri Day with friends. 

Know about Kenya’s History.

Kenya’s history is extensive and excellent. Try to know about the history of Kenya’s republic and Independence. 

Learn Jamhuri Day History.

You can learn about Jhamuri Day’s history from various kinds of books, newspapers, or google.

Encourage Children to Celebrate Jamhuri Day.

Children are little. They usually don’t know about their country’s history and events. So on Jamhuri Day, try to understand the history of Jamhuri Day.  

Happy Jamhuri Day Messages

1. Happy Jamhuri Day to all Kenyans, Peace Love and Unity

2. Enjoy the celebrations and appreciate what our forefathers did for this Nation. Happy Jamhuri Day to all Kenyans!

3. Happy Jamhuri Day My dear Brother! United we stand, divided we fall.

4. We are a blessed country; we thank God for the far he has brought us. Have a wonderful Jamhuri Day.

5. Let’s Build Kenya for a better tomorrow. Happy Jamhuri Day!

6. We have achieved so much as a country! Freedom of expression, Freedom of the media, Access to information, and more, wishing you Happy Jamhuri Day!

7. Freedom must be fought for, be protected, and handed over to the next generation. Happy Jamhuri Day

Happy Jamhuri Day SMS Messages – Jamhuri Day Kenya

16. I would like to be remembered as the person who fought for our freedom, Happy Jamhuri Day!

17. Wishing you a happy Jamhuri Day

18. Freedom is priceless, we should be proud of our country. Wishing you a happy Jamhuri Day!

19. If you want to reap the benefits of freedom, you must work towards it. The time is now. Happy Jamhuri Day!

20. I Wish you a happy Jamhuri Day

21. The truth will set you free, although it will not be easy to get there. Happy Jamhuri Day

22. Liberty has never come from the government. It always comes from the subjects of it.

23. I do not agree with what you have to say today, but I’ll defend its truth. Happy Jamhuri Day

24. To have Freedom you have to be bold.

Jamhuri Day Quotes

We appreciate all those who came before us and made great sacrifices to ensure that we live in a better country today. Happy Jamhuri Day!

The greatness of any nation lies in its fidelity to the constitution and adherence to the rule of law – Chief Justice David Maraga

We remember and appreciate all who came before us who made great sacrifices so that we live in a better country today. In their honor, we shall take great sacrifices so that those who come after us may find Kenya a better place. Happy Jamhuri day!

Enjoy the celebrations and appreciate what our forefathers did for this Nation. Let us build Kenya for a better tomorrow. Happy Jamhuri Day!

It’s a beautiful day, Happy Jamhuri day Everyone! Let’s connect and make new friends!!

Wishing you a Happy Jamhuri day! Enjoy the celebrations and appreciate what our forefathers did for this Nation

By observing this day, we can learn about Kenya and its Independence. As the day marks two essential days and events from the history of Kenya, it is celebrated in Kenya with great enjoyment because Independence is one of the most glorious things for any country. 

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