Korean American Day 2023 When, Why and how to celebrate

Whether you are a Korean or an American, Korean American Day is undoubtedly a day that is important to you. It is primarily a celebration of the arrival of Korean immigrants to America. The day is celebrated to remember and honor the significant contributions Koreans made to American culture after they arrived in America. More than 1.8 million people of Korean descent live in America today and are employed in a wide variety of occupations.

It is indeed a very interesting day. So there is probably a lot for you to know about it. The history of the day or other information is still unknown to you. This article is going to be presented to inform you about the significance of the day. Hopefully, you will read the whole text by heart.

When is Korean American Day Celebrated?

Every year, January 13th is commemorated in the United States as a memorial to the arrival of Koreans in the United States. Koreans first came to America in 1903 and then American culture changed drastically. But since then the annual celebration has not started. In 2003, the then President George W. Bush declared the day on January 13th and since then people have been observing it on the designated day every year.

There are numerous Koreans in America to whom Americans are genuinely grateful because the Koreans brought some wonderful traditions. Although Koreans appeared in 1903, they have been visiting the United States since 1882. Since then friendship and commercial relations have been established between the two countries. Although Koreans traveled to America then, they did not settle permanently. It basically started from the year 1903.

Why Celebrate Korean American Day?

People celebrate this special day with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. One of their many motives behind observing the day is that people love new cultures because there is so much to explore. So when American culture and Korean culture come together, it can be really interesting. People mainly join this day to get a taste of different cultures. Have you ever tried Korean food? They are really fun.

Since Koreans are based in America, their food is also easy to accept. You can instantly get to know some delicious Korean food and recipes on this day. If you don’t have any Korean friends, now is the perfect time to make one. Get to know them and appreciate their culture as well.

How Can We Observe Korean American Day?

  • Delve into the Korean-American History!

Celebrate the Korean American Day digging into some history. Catch up on what happened in 1902, the reasons for them to migrate, what was their life before arriving in the US, and how they have journeyed in the US for the last 100 years!

  • Get to know more about Korean Americans!

Observe the day by watching documentaries or reading stories of some of the prominent Korean American figures then and now. You could also chat with a Korean American family or friend to know more about them. If you are a Korean American don’t hesitate to share your experience today! Korean American Story allows you to hear stories and record your own.

  • Experience their culture

Celebrate by soaking in their culture through their music, food, and traditions. You could check out nearby venues that are hosting events to honor this day!

  • Enjoy some Kimchi!

Celebrate the day by enjoying some classic Korean Kimchi that is a staple and favorite Korean salad!

  • Show your esteem for Korean Americans via social signals

Share the Korean American’s story of Bravery, intellect, and valuable contributions to the US on all your social media pages today! Use #KoreanAmericanDay to encourage everyone to celebrate this day!

How to Celebrate Korean American Day?

You have many ways to celebrate this day. If you are not familiar with Korean culture, this is your chance to immerse yourself in their culture. Search the internet and read some books that have extensive information about Korean culture. Know their history. If you have some Korean friends, attend a party with them and ask more questions about their culture.

Don’t forget to taste their food. They have some dishes that will make you appreciate them. May January 13th be a day for all Korean Americans who came here and spread their wonderful heritage.

Korean American Day Wishes, Messages & Quotes

  • Don’t let the beauty of this unique day fade away. Let us celebrate the occasion of Korean American Day with high spirits.
  • Our unity lies in the differences that we are born with. This is what the occasion of Korean American Day reminds us all about.
  • We may be very different from each other but we are bonded with love and respect for each other. Warm greetings on Korean American Day to all.
  • What was once a foreign county has now become a motherland to us. Wishing everyone a very Happy Korean American Day.
  • On the occasion of Korean American Day, we must explore our history and learn about eminent Korean American faces. Happy Korean American Day.
  • Let us remember the contribution made by all the Korean Americans for all these years. Warm wishes on Korean American Day to everyone.
  • The occasion of Korean American Day reminds us all that the bond between Korea and America are so deep. A very Happy Korean American Day to you.
  • On the memorable occasion of Korean American Day, we must learn about some of the most renowned Korean American personalities and their contribution.
  • Let us celebrate the occasion of Korean American Day by learning something more about the Korean culture. Happy Korean American Day.

Hopefully, you have learned enough about Korean American Day from the above discussion. So now maybe you want to meet a Korean friend and get to know their culture. It will really give you a different experience.

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