Leif Erikson Day 2022: When, Why and How to Celebrate?

Leif Erikson Day 2022: One of the most important days in the Nordic community is Leif Erikson Day. The Nordic community first arrived in America around 1000, and a holiday was declared to commemorate this accomplished community, which was adopted by various states in the 20th century. However, not many may know about this famous day. But this day was born from history.

If you want to know a lot of information about this day then you have come to the right place because in today’s article I will share enough information about it. So this is the best opportunity to learn about the history of the day, hope you don’t miss it. Originally Norse explorers were credited with coming to North America and bringing Europeans and representing that community.

When is Leif Erikson Day 2022?

The day is celebrated every year on October 9 with considerable pomp. But before knowing about the celebration of this day one should know how the day came. Leif Erikson was born around 970 or 980. After much drama he traveled with his people to Norway in 999. Before this he was not a follower of Christianity, but after moving to Norway he converted to Christianity.

Event Leif Erikson Day
Date October 9, 2022
Day Sunday
Significance The day honors and celebrates the Norse explorer Leif Erikson
Observed by World wide

After arriving in Eastern Canada, he began to enjoy everything about it, including its people. Leif loved the vines and grapes here and set up a settlement with his group where visitors would come. However, his group wintered in the region. When spring came they all loaded their ships with grapes and wood and returned to Greenland from whence they came.

Later it is known that he died but when and where he died is not known. But his legacies still live on. Word of his travels spread around the world and Norwegian explorers then flocked to eastern Canada. The Norwegians gained special fame for their journey which was recognized as a day.

Why is Leif Erikson Day Celebrated?

The Norwegian people appreciated Leif Erikson’s daring expedition and felt quite proud. They feel that Leif has showcased Norwegian culture through his journey. The expedition was also welcomed by the people of Vineland. If Leif hadn’t traveled in the first place, they might never have imagined coming here.

Later, Norwegians began to come to the United States in droves, and then they created statues of Leif Erikson. They wanted to have a memorable day when Leif’s contribution would be appreciated. The day slowly started to be recognized in different states of America and everyone observes this day on 9th October.

How to Celebrate Leif Erikson Day?

People perform various activities to celebrate the day. Norwegians have a museum about this history that people visit today with their families. Those who have a great interest in Nordic heritage visit museums and review various objects. Also, it’s time to learn more about Leif Erikson.

You can read his biography as books about his biography and expeditions have already been published. You will also find enough information in the media. Declare solidarity with them to show respect for Norwegian culture. You can even meet Norwegian artists, writers and filmmakers who are there and have a great day out.

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