Malaysia Sehri & Iftar Time Today: Ramadan Calendar 2022

Malaysia Sehri & Iftar Time Today: Throughout this article, you will find Malaysia Ramadan Calendar 2022 completely available. From the article, it will be most convenient for you to know the accurate time of sehri and iftar for Malaysia.

Ramadan is the ninth most important month for Muslims according to the Islamic calendar. It is regarded as the month the fasting when the Muslim community fasts for the whole day to make Allah happy. In order to observe the fasting day, it is essential for every Muslim to know the exact Ramadan timings. To think of this fact, we have decorated this exclusive article. So, stay with us till the end.

Malaysia Sehri & Iftar Time 2022

Each and every Muslim needs to collect this in order to observe the fasting month correctly. Anyway, there have two parts in the Ramadan calendar. One is sehri and the other one is iftar.

Every Muslim has to observe these two major activities at two different times. Also, in various parts of the world, there have slightly differences in the timings of Sehr and Iftar. As we are talking about Malaysia, you will get Ramadan schedule 2022 of there in this article. Thus, all the fasting Muslims of Malaysia can conveniently observe these fasting days. Scroll down to collect the Sehri and Iftam time of Malaysia.

Roza Date Sehr Iftaar
1 03 April 2022 06:05 19:23
2 04 April 2022 06:04 19:23
3 05 April 2022 06:04 19:23
4 06 April 2022 06:03 19:23
5 07 April 2022 06:03 19:23
6 08 April 2022 06:02 19:22
7 09 April 2022 06:02 19:22
8 10 April 2022 06:01 19:22
9 11 April 2022 06:01 19:22
10 12 April 2022 06:01 19:22
11 13 April 2022 06:00 19:22
12 14 April 2022 06:00 19:21
13 15 April 2022 05:59 19:21
14 16 April 2022 05:59 19:21
15 17 April 2022 05:58 19:21
16 18 April 2022 05:58 19:21
17 19 April 2022 05:58 19:21
18 20 April 2022 05:57 19:21
19 21 April 2022 05:57 19:21
20 22 April 2022 05:56 19:20
21 23 April 2022 05:56 19:20
22 24 April 2022 05:56 19:20
23 25 April 2022 05:55 19:20
24 26 April 2022 05:55 19:20
25 27 April 2022 05:55 19:20
26 28 April 2022 05:54 19:20
27 29 April 2022 05:54 19:20
28 30 April 2022 05:54 19:20
29 01 May 2022 05:53 19:20
30 02 May 2022 05:53 19:20

Today Sehri Last Time in Malaysia 2022

In the holy month of Ramadan, the sehri is the essential activity for all the fasting people. It is also signified as the seheri time when the Muslims take food before fajar prayer in order to start their fasting hours. Thus, here needs a correct timing of the starting and ending times of the seheri.

Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Date Sehri Iftar
05 Apr 22 06:01 am 7:22 pm

There have almost 10 divisions in Malaysia, and the timing of sehri or sahoor has a minor difference among these places. But all fasting Muslims need to know accurate Sehri time to observe fasting in a proper way. For all your convenience, we are assigning the sehri timetable of Malaysia below. By this, you can do fasting with the help of this Ramadan sehri time calendar.

Today Iftar Time in Malaysia 2022

After sehri, it is needed to know the timing of Iftar or the ending time of Roza. If you are spending this holy Ramadan in Malaysia, you will get all details of iftar in this section. The Muslims take iftar or open fast at sunset time after long hours of fasting. As per the rules, they have to open their fast at the exact time. Thus, people utilize the iftar timetable to check iftar time for the whole Ramadan.

Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Date Sehri Iftar
05 Apr 22 06:01 am 7:22 pm

To think about this, we have tried our best to bring you the authentic iftar timetable in Malaysia for 2022. But here is a thing that here may have a 1-2 minutes preventive difference in the iftar times at different cities of here. Anyway, to collect the time schedule, check out the below list:

Malaysia Ramadan Calendar Image & Picture

Many of us prefer to have a Ramadan calendar as an image to check all months Sheri and Iftar time. They collect the image file as it is best to check it out offline. Also, many of them print out the file and hang it on the wall.

Anyway, if you are willing to collect the Ramadan calendar image in HD quality, go through below assigned images. Here, you will find an updated calendar having a Ramadan timetable, which is effectively downloadable.

Malaysia Ramadan Calendar Download

If you are searching for a downloadable PDF of the Ramadan calendar, then this section is for you. From here, you can download the calendar of Ramadan in PDF format. Our assigned PDF file contains the sehri and iftar time specifically. So without getting delay, click on the below button and download the PDF file as your preferences.

Malaysia Today Sehri & Iftar Time 2022

Malaysia is a Southeast Asian country having a large population of Muslims. Like other states, they are much more sincere about all the pillars of Islam. When the fact comes about Ramadan, they surely search for the starting time of Roza and the time of iftar.

Hopefully, our comprehensive discussion has been informative enough for you. Keep connected with us to get all updates regarding this article.

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