Maundy Thursday 2022: When, Why and How to Celebrate

Maundy Thursday is also known as Holy Thursday or Sheer Thursday, Great and Holy Thursday. There are also many more names available for this festival. It is celebrated every year on the Thursday before Easter on April 14 by the Christians, and actually commemorates the Last Supper. Importantly, the day also commemorates “Jesus washing the feet of His disciples”, more accurately Jesus celebrated His final passover with His disciples. In addition, The night of Maundy Thursday is the night when Judas betrayed Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane.

The word “Maundy” comes from an Anglo-French word, which is derived from the Latin word “mandatum,” which means “commandment. Maundy means the foot-washing, Jesus provided the apostles prior to the Last Supper. The day is marked as a special prayer and mass by Christians all over the world, especially by the Catholics. Here are some things to know about Maundy Thursday! So let us check them below:

Maundy Thursday 2022

After knowing a little bit about Maundy Thursday from above, it is fully clear that this holiday is undoubtedly a highly prioritized day and event for the Christians. So every year they wait for this ebullience festival with a heartfelt and joyful mentality. Joyfully, the Maundy Thursday 2022 is very near and probably knocking at your door. So check it out!

However, the date of the upcoming Maundy Thursday 2022 is fixed. Actually it is going to be held soon this year. Check out the date below.

When is Maundy Thursday 2022?

By observing Maundy Thursday, Christians can showcase their tradition. Importantly it is one of the most ebullient parts of Christians holiday and festivals. Hence, the significance of the day can never be explained within words. Well, it is a matter of great joy that the exact date Maundy Thursday 2022 is available.

So, when is Maundy Thursday 2022? This marvelous festival is going to be held on 14th April, Thursday. So be prepared!

Why We Celebrate the Maundy Thursday?

Humility is celebrated

Humility is a part of Maundy Thursday. Humility is an important sign of character. So every good person always tries to acquire this virtue. However, Humility is greatly celebrated on Maundy Thursday.

Strengthens the bond of all Christians

Different Christians from different locations gather and observe the day together. They together try their best to celebrate the day according to the previous tradition related to the day.

Represent Christian’s traditions

Christians celebrate the day with a lot of traditions and religious activities. Additionally, Christians  are one of the most important communities of the world and by observing the day Maundy Thursday, their traditions are highlighted.

How to Celebrate Maundy Thursday?

So you are here to know about the ways of celebrating Maundy Thursday. As it is a significant day for the Christitans, some meaningful activities are done. Some of them are given below. Additionally, if you are not a Christitans, you can learn about their history.

  • Learn the history of Maundy Thursday.
  • Know about Jesus.
  • Visit a local church.
  • Donates to the poor and several worthy organizations.
  • Be humble.

There are reasons behind every holiday season and hence Maundy Thursday is also an important and one of the most important festivals of Christitans. Hence, they observe the day every year with humility. However ,like every previous year, the day is also going to be observed with important celebrations this year as well.

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