National Boss Day 2022: When, Why and How is it Celebrate?

Boss is one of the most important person in our work life who advises on various matters, and pays every employee at the worst time. People often consider their boss as an adversary. One may not agree with the boss for various reasons but his contribution can never be denied because new ideas come from him. Employees are celebrating National Boss Day to recognize a hard working boss on 16 October, although some choose to observe it on the nearest working day if October 16 falls on a weekend.

Bosses always do a lot of work like supervising the employees and giving them proper guidelines. A business moves towards success mainly through its leadership. The day originated from Americans and on this day all employees show respect and gratitude to their bosses. They recall how the boss showed them kindness and gave them fair wages. However, there is more to know about the day than this article is going to present.

National Boss Day 2022

National Boss Day is celebrated on October 16 every year across the United States. But this day did not come suddenly because it has a small history which may be unknown to many. The idea of ​​this day was originally created in 1958. Patricia Bays Haroski chose October 16 as her father’s birthday and employer. Haroski then registered it with the US Chamber of Commerce.

He felt that the work his father did as a boss was truly commendable as it helped the workplace run smoothly. About four years later, in 1962, others supported Haroski’s registration, and the governor of Illinois officially declared the day Boss Day. Since then the day has been celebrated.

For the history buffs, here is a brief timeline of how National Boss’s Day came about:

  • In 1958, Patricia Bays Haroski registered “National Boss’ Day” with the United States Chamber of Commerce. At that time, she worked as a secretary for her father at State Farm Insurance Company in Deerfield, Illinois. She chose October 16 because it was her father’s birthday.
  • Four years later, in 1962, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner backed Haroski’s registration and officially proclaimed the day.
  • It wasn’t until 1979 that Hallmark Cards released a Boss’ Day card.

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Why we Celebrate National Boss Day?

Bosses move an organization forward in many ways. Even his contribution remains the most. You may be displeased with his behavior at times but he actually takes various steps and advises keeping in mind the good of his organization and employees. People may not realize this at first, but on closer inspection, a boss’s contribution becomes clear.

Building a good relationship with the boss and employees is desirable for the overall success of the organization. So Boss Day is the perfect time to build a sincere and cooperative relationship. Talk openly with the boss on this day and expect his solution. When he sees his employees recognizing his hard work he will be very happy and probably become more flexible towards the employees. Also, if you have a problem with your boss, you can choose this day to end it.

How is National Boss Day Celebrated?

This is undoubtedly an important section for you when you don’t know how to celebrate Boss Day. Don’t be too anxious about celebrating the day but think about how to present it well to the boss. In this case, you can make a plan for the whole day based on everyone’s opinion. In this case, you can make a handnote by collecting some heartfelt messages and put it on the boss’s table at the beginning of the day, he will be surprised.

National Boss's Day
National Boss’s Day

You can also say a thank you to the boss since a lot of time has passed at the same time. You must have an idea about the boss’s favorite food or snacks, you can arrange them for him. Besides, you can also organize their favorite lunch. Tell him that he is the best boss in the world who has led you so far.

There are Many Ways to celebrate the day with boss. You can give gift cards, Planning Lunch, Having a gift of Basket. There are few in below.

  • Give your boss the day off with a game of golf.
  • Host a potluck with your boss’s favorite foods.
  • Have everyone in the office sign a card of appreciation.
  • Invite customers or clients to share memories of your boss.
  • Create a timeline of your boss’s accomplishments.

Boss Day Best Gifts idea: List

A list of the best Boss Day gifts and ideas. Includes templates, activities, suggestions and more. Find it here:

  • World’s Best Boss Mug.
  • Sips + Snacks
  • Cooler & Barbecue Set
  • Mentor Gift
  • Elephant Eyeglass Stand
  • TriFold Solar Charger
  • Custom Boss Bobblehead
  • Snacks + Coffee Box
  • Healthy Gift Basket
  • Zero Gravity Float Therapy
  • A Custom Brewed Beer Tour
  • Create a Card
  • Host a Team Breakfast
Happy National boss Day
Happy National boss Day

Anyway, hopefully you have enough ideas about Boss Day. So if you are a worker then you must be aware about this day. Don’t forget to acknowledge his contribution to the boss at least one day. Basically, the boss and the employees have to work together to maintain a proper workplace environment. Boss Day plays an important role in reinforcing this concept.

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