National Feral Cat Day 2022: When, Why and How to Celebrate?

National Feral Cat Day 222: If you are a cat lover then you must not forget about National Feral Cat Day. National Feral Cat Day is commemorated every year on 16th October. This day is celebrated to increase awareness about feral cats. Although feral cats are far away from human contact, you should still show them love as they are felines. You can give a loving hug to all the stray cats on this day as they too are looking for a permanent home. However, if you don’t know enough about this day despite being a cat lover then this article is for you because here I am going to explain about the day in detail.

National Feral Cat Day 2022

Although the day is celebrated on October 16 every year, it has not come on a single day. It has a history that is probably unknown to many. Feral cats and dogs have been roaming around humans for over 10,000 years. However, although some of them are petted by humans, most of the cats are beyond the reach of humans. Cats are present in almost every part of the world.

However, the day was introduced in 2001. At that time Alley Cat Allies celebrated its 10th anniversary and also introduced feral cat day. They thought of starting a day from the thought of how to take care of these cats, and how to protect them. On this day some humanitarian work is done for the cats. People catch stray cats and bring them to vets. After necessary treatment they are returned to their previous place.

Why we Celebrate National Feral Cat Day?

Since feral cats are away from human contact, they are deprived of various benefits. If you have a pet cat in your home, you realize how much you care about him and how much he is dear to you. But feral cats do not have an owner who will take care of them and provide them with food and treatment as needed. But feral cats also need care. Feral cats are not as docile as domestic cats, so it is not possible to restrain them.

But you can take some steps for these animals. Basically, the day is celebrated from this idea. People look for cats in their neighborhood on this day and take care of them for a while. This is a good time to give shelter to some cats who are always looking for a shelter. Also, when you are doing such a thing, encourage others to be kind to these cats.

Feral Cat Day Facts

  1. The occasion is annually held on the 16th of October.
  2. The organizers propose a new theme of the day every year.
  3. The initiation of the event took place in 2001.
  4. Every cat in the world can get a certain part of attention and concern, not only a feral one.
  5. The occasion is so wide that there are more than 1000 events on the day in the USA.

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How to Celebrate National Feral Cat Day?

There are some great Feral Cats Day activities that will make you feel proud. To protect the health of stray cats, you can confine them in a box and after confirming check up and treatment with the doctor, you can return them to their place. However, the actual number of these cats is unknown. But if you do good work for them yourself and encourage others, hopefully most cats will be cared for.

Besides, you can become the owner of a stray cat from this day on. Adopt a cat of your choice and take responsibility for its safety and security forever. Even ask your friends and family to be kind to cats and adopt a cat. Basically as a cat conscious person you should change society’s attitude towards feral cats. In this case, social media platforms can be helpful for you.

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