National Nothing Day 2023 Wishes, Messages and Quotes

National Nothing Day, isn’t it a very surprising day? Basically other days are celebrated by doing something but this day is very strange when nothing is done. But doing nothing doesn’t mean the day is meaningless. There is considerable significance in not doing any of this. There are several wishes, messages and quotes for this day too which you may not know enough about. Today’s article will tell you about those things.

This day is observed on 16th January every year and since 1973 this day has been celebrated regularly. People are busy with various activities and celebrating various days throughout the year. So they need a day when they spend a long time resting without doing anything. However, you probably have some questions in your mind about what you should do on this day.

National Nothing Day Wishes

  • A very Happy National Nothing Day to you. There is nothing you have to do on this day which makes this day an extra special one.
  • Sometimes it gets really exhausting as we keep celebrating something or the other but National Nothing Day is all about celebrating nothing. Warm wishes.
  • Tell your family and friends about how you plan to celebrate National Nothing Day as doing nothing is the agenda. Happy National Nothing Day.
  • The good thing about National Nothing Day is celebrating nothing and enjoying your life without a reason or occasion. Warm wishes on National Nothing Day.
  • On the occasion of National Nothing Day, let us celebrate nothing and simply enjoy what we have. Wishing a very Happy National Nothing Day to you.
  • Life is not just about looking for occasions to celebrate, it is also about just sitting and enjoying life. Happy National Nothing Day.
  • The occasion of National Nothing Day reminds us that we don’t really need any occasion to wear a smile or enjoy our life. Happy National Nothing Day.
  • On the occasion of National Nothing Day, we are reminded of just being where are, doing what we are and having fun in that. Warm wishes on National Nothing Day.
  • Not every day has to be some occasion to enjoy. Some days can just be days without occasion. Happy National Nothing Day.
  • Life is pretty good even when we are not celebrating it but just embracing it the way it is. Wishing a very Happy National Nothing Day to you.

It is your responsibility to remind your friends when they are busy with regular work or forget to celebrate a day of rest. You can send them a reminder of the day by sending some nice wishes. Doubtless, you have lots of friends on social accounts, share them with them. In this case, you can go through a huge collection which has a lot of wishes.

Tell friends that this is a do-nothing day that is more special than other days. Also, say that our daily life is really tiring when busy with work and other day celebrations. Although it is an appointed day, there is nothing to celebrate here. Just spend some time with yourself through relaxation.

National Nothing Day Messages

  • The special occasion of All or Nothing Day reminds us of our dreams and goals that we often neglect because we are fearful. It is time to go out and make it happen, Bestmessages suggests.
  • Life is all about keeping your fears aside and chasing your goals. Warm wishes on All or Nothing Day to everyone.
  • Wishing a very Happy All or Nothing Day to everyone. This day is a reminder to each one of us to get rid of our inhibitions and be positive and full of energies to achieve our goals.
  • All or Nothing Day motivates each one of us to take the charge and be out there to perform. Warm wishes on this special day to you.
  • If you really want something then you must go for it. Wishing a very Happy All or Nothing Day to everyone to inspire them to act and not just sit behind.
  • Life is too small to regret and too small to think small. Think big and make your dreams come true. Happy All or Nothing Day to you.
  • Don’t listen to people who try to bring you down in life but listen to yourself and gear up to achieve your goals. Warm wishes on All or Nothing Day.
  • Life is all about making the most of the opportunities that come your way and not about sitting in fear of getting out of your comfort zone. Happy All or Nothing Day.
  • Let us celebrate the occasion of All or Nothing Day by promising ourselves that we will take a step towards our goals and dreams which we have neglected for too long.

Some important messages of this day will make you more aware of it. Many may not care about the day. But you can deliver these messages to them. Even in your family there are many who keep themselves busy and tired all the time. Tell them to have at least one day off from everything that will allow you to rest for no reason.

On this day you don’t need to search for any celebratory material, just sit back and enjoy and be quiet. But inform everyone in advance for the day so that they do not miss the enjoyment of this day. Send the message to everyone that they don’t need only occasions or fun to enjoy life. Rather be alone and spend time sitting.

National Nothing Day Quotes and Sayings

  • “Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” – Auguste Rodin
  • “To do nothing is sometimes a good remedy.” – Hippocrates.
  • “Doing nothing is better than being busy doing nothing.” – Lao Tzu.
  • “Inaction will cause a man to sink into the slough of despond and vanish without a trace.” – Finley Peter Dunne.
  • “To sit alone in the lamplight with a book spread out before you, and hold intimate converse with men of unseen generations – such is a pleasure beyond compare.” – Kenko Yoshida.

The day is very enjoyable for people and that is why some prominent people also give messages. They say this day is the time to refrain from all saying and doing because everyday people are in between saying and doing something. Abstaining from them for a day allows you to enjoy life a little differently. It is a day that does not require anything to celebrate. You just need to absolve yourself of your responsibility.

You forget that you have a responsibility to do something and a responsibility to say something. Say no to everything and say yes to your desires on this day. If you love to sleep then sleep, and even allow family and friends to spend the day as they wish. The day is really fun when you don’t have to make someone happy, just enjoy yourself.

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