National Nut Day 2022: History, Wishes, Messages & Memes

Nuts are a very tasty food and there are very few people who do not like nuts. Besides, it is a very valuable food as a source of energy in the human body. Besides humans, wild animals also eat this delicious food. You can even eat it raw, cooked or fried. What if there was a day for nuts too? Yes, there is indeed a special day for nuts known as National Nut Day.

You may have spent hours in the park eating nuts with a lover or friend. Even often like to eat nuts while hanging out with your family. Besides, even on a rainy day, the day is wasted without eating some nuts. Although you love this food, there are many facts about it that you don’t know. However, this article will cover all the information related to Nut Day. So read without skipping any part.

National Nut Day 2022

Nut Day is celebrated on October 22 every year in the United States. Besides, other countries have different dates for observance. Nuts are eaten in a variety of ways. The day is mainly observed to make everyone aware about the importance of nuts and its health benefits. However, Nut Day comes with a history that you need to know.

History of National Nut Day

Nut day was introduced by Liberation Foods Company. Its main purpose was to find a way to do the right thing for all small nut farmers. At that time farmers were producing nuts but they were not being produced properly or sustainably due to not using some strategic methods. But the company was paying its workers their fair wages.

Nut farmers from different countries came together with Liberation Foods. Later in 2015, October 22 was declared as National Nut Day. This company is originally based in the UK but the holiday spread more in the USA. Other countries of the world also celebrate this day on a different date. According to reliable sources, this nut originated around 800,000 years ago when it was a part of the regular diet of humans.

Additionally, almonds became popular in North America around the 1700s. Since then nuts have taken a permanent place in the food list in various ways. Nut Day not only encourages farmers to produce high quality, but the whole day is celebrated with different recipes of nuts. It is also a day to remember the health benefits of nuts.

National Nut Day Wishes

Nuts come in different sizes and look very cute, which is why many people love to see and eat them. Besides, it has enough nutritional value. You might like it for the taste but after knowing the health benefits might give it more importance. Don’t forget to wish your acquaintances on this day. Your wishes should be very meaningful as they will make people more interested about this day and they will get an idea about the benefits of almonds.

  • “Start your day with NUTS….. Best wishes on National Nut Day to you.”
  • “National Nut Day reminds us that instead of munching on unhealthy snacks, we must munch on these wonderful snacks that make a promising meal every day….. Happy National Nut Day to you.”
  • “No matter how old you are, no matter how young you are….. NUTS can drive you crazy with their taste and health benefits…. Let us celebrate National Nut Day by including them in our daily diet.”
  • “If you want to stay healthy and fit then always enjoy the yummy NUTS in your breakfast because they make a wonderful nourishment to your system….. Wishing you a very Happy National Nut Day.”
  • “If you are NUTS about NUTS then this is surely the best day for you….. Make National Nut Day a memorable day by enjoying these healthy and wholesome snacks which are good to munch.”
  • “Let us dedicate an entire day to celebrating these delicious nuts, which are high in unsaturated fatty acids and other bioactive compounds, and commit to eating nuts on a daily basis, best wishes on National Nut Day.”
  • “Nuts are high in many nutrients, allowing us to be as strong and tough as a nut, best wishes, and a Happy Nut Day.”
  • “No matter how old people are, their love for these crunchy snacks knows no bounds, so let us celebrate and honor all nuts while emphasizing their significance.”
  • “A bowl of nuts and dry fruits is one of the best and most amazing gifts to give if you truly care about the health of your loved ones, best wishes on National Nut Day.”
  • “If you are nuts about nuts, then the National Nut Day celebration is tailor-made for you, Happy National Nut Day.”
  • “Walnuts or Almonds, no matter which nut you prefer, the only thing that matters is that you consume them on a daily basis to benefit from their high nutrient content.”

They will also know how healthy it can be to choose nuts over unhealthy snacks. It is one of the best foods to eat regularly that will keep you healthy no matter what your age. You can also encourage your friends and family who have not yet included nuts in their regular diet through wishes. You can even have a small nut party with everyone on this day.

National Nut Day Messages

Nut Day messages can be very meaningful. Everyone should be grateful to nature for providing us with such wonderful and nutritious food. Even it is not limited to only one type of nut but has gifted us with different types of nuts which are used in different cooking and eating. Remind others on the day that this is the time to include nuts in all meals and have a wonderful day with nuts.

  • “On this National Nut Day, we should honor nuts for their important role in providing us with many healthy nutrients as well as their delicious taste, and we should promote the importance of nuts throughout the country.””
  • “Don’t be a nut to avoid nuts because nuts are essential to your health and strength.”
  • “Nuts are the best choice of breakfast because they provide many important nutrients and minerals, so eating a variety of nuts on a daily basis can keep you healthy and immune to disease.”
  • “Health is the greatest gift, contentment is the greatest wealth, and faithfulness is the best relationship; don’t risk your health by avoiding nuts on a daily basis – Happy National Nut Day.”
  • “Eat a lot of nuts and eat a healthy diet on a daily basis to keep your body healthy because it’s the only place you have to live.”
  • “Let us eat nuts on a daily basis and say hello to a healthier life, because health is the most valuable asset anyone can have – Happy National Nut Day.”
  • “Because nuts are important for health and health is important for you, let us celebrate this interdependence by commemorating National Nut Day.”
  • “The occurrence of National Nut Day serves as a reminder that there is a need to encourage people to appreciate the benefits of nuts in everyday life; thus, take advantage of the opportunity and share information about the day on all social media platforms – happy National Nut Day.”
  • “Let us celebrate the delicious and crunchy nuts and National Nut Day by committing to a healthy diet and lifestyle and encouraging others to do the same.”

Also, if you have a known grower, these messages may be important to him as well and he will be more motivated to grow nuts properly. Moreover, you can give them some suggestions on your own initiative.

National Nut Day Captions & Greetings

  • “Best wishes on the occasion of National Nut Day. Let us use this opportunity to raise awareness about the health benefits of nuts and to encourage young people to eat a healthy diet.”
  • “The wrong diet and unhealthy food give you unwanted fats and the country a higher obesity rate, so commit to a healthy lifestyle and contribute your help in encouraging the health benefits of healthy food and lifestyle – best wishes on National Nut Day.”
  • “The occurrence of National Nut Day serves as a reminder that we should continue to incorporate healthy foods such as almonds and cashews into our daily diets and contribute to the creation of a healthier society – Happy National Nut Day.”
  • “If you are a vegetarian, you can still get the same nutrients and health benefits by eating a proper vegetarian diet and eating nuts.”
  • “Participate in National Nut Day celebrations by promoting the health benefits of nuts and encouraging your friends and family to eat nuts – happy National Nut Day!”
  • “Now is the time for parents to teach their children about the health benefits of nuts, so take advantage of National Nut Day and encourage your children to develop a healthy eating habit.”
  • “One of the best gifts God has given us is happy nuts, which add a great deal of nutrition to our meals. Happy National Nut Day.”
  • “The best thing about nuts is that they contain both taste and nutrients and are suitable for people of all ages.”
  • “Make the most of National Nut Day by including a good dose of health and nutrition in your breakfast and every meal, and make the celebration more memorable.”

National Nut Day Images & memes

National Nut Day Memes Images

National Nut Day Memes

Nut Day Memes

Nut Day

Nuts are eaten separately and added to various dishes to enhance their flavor. Nut Day does not promote just one nut but represents all types of nuts. There are many things you can do to celebrate this day but don’t forget to make others aware of nuts. Even spend a beautiful day with family and almond recipes.

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