National Potato Day 2023: When, Why and How to Observed

Potato is a popular vegetable that is eaten almost everywhere in the world. In most places, there is not even a day when it is not eaten. Basically, it works as a common vegetable along with other vegetables. So, is it unusual to have a separate day for this popular vegetable? Undoubtedly not and that is why National Potato Day is celebrated on August 19th. Although it is called National Potato Day, it is generally celebrated worldwide.

Almost everyone is interested in knowing more about this popular vegetable. Through today’s article, you will get a detailed idea about this day with information about its history, importance, and celebrations. Hopefully, you will concentrate on the entire article if you don’t want to miss any information.

When is National Potato Day?

Since the inception of National Potato Day, August 19 has been chosen to celebrate it every year. It is the national day of various countries including America, Peru. Since potato is used as a staple food in many countries, you can be sure that this day is observed by many people around the world.

History suggests that the first cultivation of the potato began in the northwestern region of Bolivia and southern Peru and dates back to between 5000 and 8000 BC. Ever since its cultivation began, it has become a highly sought-after vegetable in many countries around the world.

Why Celebrate National Potato Day?

Potatoes are a vegetable that can be combined with all meals. In addition, potatoes have a significant role in enhancing the taste of any food. The day is mainly observed to reveal the various qualities of such potatoes and to search for more qualities. The contribution of potatoes to your diet must be recognized. It also serves as a reliable ingredient in your cooking.

Who doesn’t like potato chips? There is no place in the world where potato chips are not produced as it is used as a popular food at any party. A packet of potato chips can be your best companion while watching a movie or enjoying your favorite show at the same time. Besides, sweet potatoes are used to make various kinds of sweet food.

Potatoes are grown in about 50 US states. Apart from this, potatoes are produced in large quantities in other parts of the world. Still, there are many people who do not like to eat potatoes. At least this day should be celebrated to encourage them.

How to Observed Potato Day?

There are many activities that people do to celebrate this very popular day. There are many varieties of potatoes that you probably don’t know about yet. Learn about different potatoes as part of celebrating the day. Maybe there are many potatoes that are more delicious to eat, search and test them.

There is no end to the variety of recipes made with potatoes. Don’t despair if you don’t know them all because the internet has it all. Browse the internet to find a new recipe and try it. Invite your friends by making a new recipe. Undoubtedly, the day will be much more enjoyable.

Do not skimp on eating potatoes, but eat more potato-based foods on this day. Read more about its nutritional value and let others know. Not only eating potato recipes but also sharing various aspects of potatoes with others is a part of celebrating the day. here are some ideas to help you celebrate National Potato Day:

  1. Potato Feast: Cook up a meal where every dish has potatoes in it.
    • Appetizers: Potato skins, potato soup, or a potato salad.
    • Main Course: Baked potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato curry, or a potato casserole.
    • Desserts: Potato candies, potato donuts, or potato-based breads.
  2. Potato Facts and History: Research and share fun facts about potatoes. Did you know that potatoes were first cultivated in Peru over 7,000 years ago?
  3. Potato Art: Carve or paint potatoes to create unique sculptures or designs.
  4. Potato Games: Organize potato sack races or hot potato games for kids and adults alike.
  5. Potato Planting: If the season is right, plant some potatoes in your garden.
  6. Potato Movie Night: Watch movies that either revolve around potatoes or have a significant potato scene. Movies like “The Martian” or even the classic “Toy Story” (Mr. Potato Head) can be fun.
  7. Tasting Party: Buy several different types of potatoes and make dishes from each of them. Compare flavors and textures and decide on a favorite.
  8. Visit a Potato Farm: If you’re near a potato-growing region, consider taking a tour of a potato farm.
  9. Potato Crafts: For kids, make potato stamps. Cut a potato in half, carve a design on the flat side, dip it in paint, and stamp onto paper.
  10. Potato Cocktails: Make cocktails using potato-based vodka.
  11. Host a Potato Potluck: Invite friends and family over and have everyone bring a potato-based dish.
  12. Share on Social Media: Share your favorite potato recipes, facts, and photos using a hashtag like #NationalPotatoDay.

However, the appreciation of the potato as a food does not stop there. You can even call it a democratic vegetable. Any fish-to-meat dish doesn’t seem complete without a few slices of potato in it. Apart from being eaten as a vegetable, potatoes are also widely used in the preparation of various fast foods. So, it is really worth celebrating a day when people can discover new recipes for potatoes.

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