National Sandwich Day 2022 When, Facts, History & Celebration

The most versatile Snacks Sandwich Celebrate on November 3. This Year National Sandwich Dy 2022 Falls on Thursday November 3.  Sandwiches are one of the favorite foods of many people. It is even one of the most popular lunch items in America. It is widely known as a delicious food not only in America but also to almost all the people of the world. National Sandwich Day has been introduced to better enjoy the sandwich.

It’s a wonderful holiday in America when people want to spend the whole day just with sandwiches. Perhaps you know little or nothing about this day despite the sandwich being your favorite food. Then read this entire article because here all the information about this day will be presented. As a sandwich lover you must know these.

When is National Sandwich Day 2022?

Sandwich Day is celebrated on November 3 every year in the United States. This sandwich is a favorite food of all young and old because it can come in different flavors.

Sandwich Day 2022

History of National Sandwich Day:

This delicious dish might become more interesting to you if you know about its history. The history of Sandwich is quite old. Although the dish did not get its current name back then, it was still quite popular. In 1762, a gambler told his cook to prepare a different dish. He wanted the food to require no cutlery and be easily consumed during gambling without disrupting the game.

As per his instructions, the cook prepared the dish by simply putting some chopped meat between 2 pieces of toast. This enabled the earl to eat the food with one hand free and continue playing with the other hand. However, neither the earl nor Cook is credited as the actual inventor of the sandwich. Mantagu has a connection to the sandwich invention with Eastern Mediterranean travel.

He observed that the Greeks and Turks were served this particular dish to stave off hunger. After seeing this, Mantagu ordered his cook to copy this recipe. Later, during the Revolutionary War, this dish became popular because almost everyone ate it to stave off hunger. The sandwich was included in American cookbooks in 1815 and made its way. It then spread throughout America.

Why Do We Celebrate National Sandwich Day? 

There are enough reasons behind why to eat sandwiches. If you want the best of fast food items, a sandwich must be your first choice. You can even offer a beautifully crafted sandwich for guests at home that will delight them immensely. Apart from this, sandwiches should be eaten considering the health benefits. Sandwiches contain a lot of calories that give enough energy to your body.

People in America eat a lot of this food. Eating a sandwich means consuming about 100 calories including sodium, fat, and sugar. However, this is a dish that you can make yourself and change the taste. Since it contains a lot of calories, it may seem unhealthy for obese people. The purpose of Sandwich Day is to encourage everyone to enjoy this delicious food. There are various recipes to make it at home, so you can make this dish with the necessary ingredients according to your health condition. You should have it in any meal.

National Sandwich Day Facts

  • The origins of the sandwich are unknown, but the concept can be dated as far back as the 1st century. It is believed that Jewish leader and sage Hillel the Elder filled two pieces of matzo with nuts, apples, and spices.
  • Englishwoman Elizabeth Leslie is credited with introducing the sandwich to America in 1840. Her cookbook Directions for Cookery is said to have had a recipe for ham sandwiches.
  • The first written record of the term sandwich was in 1762 when English author Edward Gibbons spotted two men eating cold meat between bread in a small café called the Cocoa Tree.

This day encourages people to start a day with this delicious dish. Not only delicious, the sandwich is quite healthy. If you are a sandwich lover then offer a sandwich to your friend today. If possible, give him a homemade sandwich. Also don’t forget to arrange a party and invite everyone there.

Hopefully, you have learned enough unknown facts about this favorite food. After all, have a good sandwich day and eat lots of sandwiches and have an eating contest with friends. Can even give someone a sandwich of a few flavors.

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