National Vanilla Cupcake Day 2022: History, Facts, Wishes & Quotes

Do you love to eat vanilla cupcakes and wish there was a separate day for it? There is a day dedicated to this delicious treat known as National Vanilla Cupcake Day. Every year on 10th November, cupcake lovers celebrate this day and look forward to the next year. Hard to find a person who doesn’t love this exquisitely decorated bakery item.

Those who eat it know that nothing could be more delightful than this dish. Cupcakes are a great option to enjoy with your favorite flavor. Even if you’re a cupcake lover, you probably don’t know enough about this day. This article will provide you with all the useful information that will further spark your interest in cupcakes.

National Vanilla Cupcake Day 2022

Always know when is vanilla cupcake day. Figure out how many days till vanilla cupcake day. National Vanilla Cupcake Day is celebrated every year on November 10 and officially honors the individual cakes that can be used as a snack or a dessert

History of National Vanilla Cupcake Day:

Cupcakes were mostly homemade so it is difficult to trace who actually invented them. But this delicious item was officially added to American cookery around 1796. According to various sources, cupcakes were first made in small teacups. Later this same idea was maintained.

The advantage of baking it in small cups is that you can make cakes quickly even when you are in a hurry. Besides, it can be served separately without any need of cutting or garnishing. Although cupcakes have been in vogue for a long time, it got its proper name much later. Since its inception it has carved a niche in various party and children’s meals.

Moreover, it has become more and more popular over the years. In the early 2000s this great dish got a few more updates. Cupcake bakeries first started in America, then spread worldwide. Today there are few people who do not know cupcakes. Vanilla cupcakes are the first choice of cake lovers, but they like to make some more changes to its taste.

National Vanilla Cupcake Day Facts:

Here are some facts about Vanilla Cupcake Day that you may not know. They will amuse you and surprise you at the same time. In one competition, 29 cupcakes were eaten in a very short time of 30 seconds which is unbelievable. So far it holds the record for fastest cupcake eating. Cupcake Day was celebrated on a grand scale in 2009.

A cupcake was made about 4 feet tall and weighed 1224 pounds. You may not know that 400+ books have been written about cupcakes, these books provide all the unknown facts about this dish. Even excellent recipes reveal some recipes that enhance its taste.

In 2018, people set a record for eating cupcakes as more than 770 million pieces of cupcakes were eaten by people that year. The number of cupcake bakeries in the United States will surprise you because here you will find more than 400 bakeries that regularly produce tons of cupcakes.

Besides, fairy cupcakes are most popular among people in Britain. They are made with sponge cake and glaze icing which are usually quite lighter than regular cupcakes. It is arranged slightly differently. So at first glance you might mistake it for a butterfly.

  • Twenty-nine cupcakes were consumed in 30 seconds, which holds the record for the fastest cupcake consumption.
  • In 2009, the biggest cupcake was produced. It stood 4 feet tall, contained 2 million calories, and weighed 1224 pounds.
  • There are more than 400 books about cupcakes.
  • In 2018, more than 770 million cupcakes were devoured.
  • However, there are more than 400 cupcake bakeries in the United States as well.

How to Celebrate Vanilla Cupcake Day?

You can surely imagine that the activities to celebrate this day can be much more enjoyable. Your idea is undoubtedly correct. Some really fun activities are done to celebrate the day. People who love cupcakes almost always eat them, but the day can be an excuse to overindulge. Normally you might eat them with some rules, but on this day there is no need to follow any rules.

No matter if you like chocolate. Decorate your favorite vanilla cake with some chocolate. Also, feel free to go to the bakery and choose the biggest cake there because it’s your cake eating day. Also keep yourself busy in the kitchen on this day instead of just depending on the bakery. Make your favorite cupcakes and invite friends. Post pictures of your cakes on social media. Even if you don’t bake a cake, share your countless cake-eating joys.

Vanilla Cupcake Recipe

 Let us try a delightful homemade vanilla cupcake recipe on this national day. Take all the below ingredients at room temperature.

  • Cake flour -1 and 3/4 cups (leveled to the cup’s height)
  •  Baking powder-3 tbsp
  •  Baking soda-1 tbsp
  •  Salt-1/4 tbsp
  • Unsalted butter -1/2 cup
  • Granulated sugar-1 cup
  •  Egg white- 3 Nos
  •  Pure vanilla extract-2 tbsp
  • Vanilla bean seeds-1/2 tbsp
  • Sour cream (room temperature)-1/2 cup
  •  Whole milk -1/2 cup
  • Sprinkles and vanilla buttercream -For decoration


  1. Take an oven and preheat it to 350° F. Place 12 cupcake liners in a 12-cup muffin pan. Similarly, take a second muffin pan and line with another set of 2 cupcake liners. Totally 14 cupcakes will be made at the end.
  2. Mix baking powder, cake flour, and salt together. Leave it aside.
  3. Using a mixer or whisk, beat the butter until it turns out to a smooth cream. Spread sugar over the butter and beat for 2 minutes until creamed. It’s time to add the vanilla bean, egg whites, and vanilla extract. Once again beat it, till all the ingredients are incorporated with one another and add sour cream to it. Cupcakes will get fluffy how much you spend time in beating the mixtures. After adding sour cream whisk it for a minute and add all dry ingredients and beat it once again. Gracefully pour milk on the mixture and mix it well at a low slow pace. Finally, the batter is ready for bake. If your batter is slightly thick, you are in the right way!! Go for it.
  4. Pour a spoonful of batter into the cupcake liners. Fill half a quarter of the cup liner to avoid spill at the sides. Bake the cupcakes around twenty minutes. Once it is done, allow the cakes to cool at room temperature.
  5. Frost these cupcakes with their top covered with vanilla buttercream. Do sprinkle the sprinkles on the vanilla buttercream. Delicious vanilla cupcakes are ready to chill your tongue and heart.

Vanilla Cupcake Day

Vanilla Cupcake Day Wishes, Messages, Quotes

Happy Vanilla Cupcake Day to everyone. All you need is a vanilla cupcake and you will have all your stress go away.

We all have grown up indulging in vanilla cupcakes and this makes them all the more special. Warm wishes on Vanilla Cupcake Day.

On the occasion of Vanilla Cupcake Day, let us come together and bake some of these delights in order to celebrate this day with lots of goodness.

Let us use the best of our creativities in order to decorate the vanilla cupcakes and make them look all the more delicious. Happy Vanilla Cupcake Day.

Wishing everyone on the occasion of Vanilla Cupcake Day. You can never say a no to these cupcakes loaded with goodness of vanilla.

We all have always loved the vanilla cupcakes and that is what makes them so delicious and close to our hearts. Cheers to vanilla cupcakes on Vanilla Cupcake Day.

Never even miss on the chance to have vanilla cupcakes or else you are going to regret your decision later. Happy Vanilla Cupcake Day.

Vanilla Cupcake Day Captions

  • Be a cupcake in a world full of muffins.
  • If at first, you don’t Succeed, eat a Cupcake!
  • A balanced diet is to keep a cupcake in each hand.
  • A meal without Cupcake is like a day without sunshine.
  • Cupcakes take the cake.
  • I never met a cupcake I didn’t like.
  • When stressed and in doubt, cupcake it out.
  • When you frost a cupcake, you spread the love.
  • Life is full of questions, cupcakes are the answer.M
  • Making the world a better place, one cupcake at a time.
  • Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake!

Cupcake Day is a day that most people look forward to. The day is not only for eating cake, but also a time to enhance your creativity in making cupcakes. Vanilla cakes can come in many different forms. You should test these beautiful looking cakes today. Whatever the history of the cupcake is, it is truly a wonderful discovery. So, even if you don’t know about its inventor, still thank him or her.

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