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Happy Pakistan Independence Day – 14 August 2022

Pakistan Independence Day: Happy Pakistan Independence Day Celebrates on 14 August Ever year. The Pakistani people are known to celebrate their national day with a lot of fanfare and pomp. Independence day in Pakistan means two things. Firstly, it is the day that Pakistan became an independent state from Britain. Secondly, it is the day when Pakistan celebrates freedom. Both these sentiments are well understood by the Pakistanis.

Pakistanis do not have problems to celebrate their national day with such great joy. On this day, they come together to show their happiness towards their beloved mother land. Celebrating Pakistan independence day 2022 involves a lot of pomp and show.

Pakistan Independence Day

People of Pakistan celebrate Pakistan independence day with a lot of fanfare and glory. On this particular day, government buildings are decorated with the colors of Pakistan. Flags and banners of the nation are displayed on these buildings. Fireworks are also launched over the Islamabad Red Fort and Army Museum.

People gather in the large cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Rawal Kidan for Pakistan day celebrations. These celebrations are organized with great fanfare and the whole country is decorated with national flags and banners. Television sets and radios are set ablaze with national songs and music.

When is Pakistan Independence Day 2022?

Most of People Outside Pakistan Don’t have Clear Concept About the Date of Pakistan Independence Day. The country celebrates its Independence Day on August 14.

Why Pakistan celebrates Independence Day on August 14

Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh were originally part of one giant territory called the Indian subcontinent. But, in 15 August, 1947 The Indian Independence Act Gave Birth to Two Nationals or Country Call India and Pakistan. But, Pakistan Celebrate the Happy Independence Day on 14 August instead of 15 August.

The Act was like that “As from the fifteenth day of August, nineteen hundred and forty seven, two independent Dominions shall be set up in India, to be known respectively as India and Pakistan.”

Later Pakistan Decide to Celebrate the Independence Day of Pakistan on 14 August. From 1948 Pakistan Government Advances its Independence day on 14 August.

How to Celebrate Independence Day of Pakistan

People throw sweets and fruits over the rail tracks to celebrate their freedom. Independence day is truly a happy day for all the people of Pakistan. It is the day that they could sense their freedom and could feel that they have attained the pinnacle of their dreams. All the individuals of Pakistan are extremely happy on this occasion. They do not think about the political situation in the country and they are very much focused on celebrating this August day.

Pakistan is going through its most glorious century so this August celebration is truly a great festival. Every town, city, village, etc. is decorated with flower garlands and street gatherings. In fact, Pakistan is not ready to celebrate its independence without any disturbance and festivities. They are more interested in celebrating the festival with full pomp and show than what is actually happening in the country.

The main feature of Pakistan Independence day celebrations is that the government of Pakistan has declared that this is the day when all the residents of Pakistan are free to celebrate it as they want. This is a true declaration of freedom for Pakistan. Almost every town and village of Pakistan celebrate this occasion in the best possible manner. They decorate the roads with flowers and hang banners of national and international organizations.

Happy Pakistan Independence Day

Some of the popular Independence day quotes are, ‘These are our goals; we will never let anyone tell us that we cannot achieve them’. These are pure and simple words of patriotism. Similarly, quote such as, ‘I am free and proud of my birth right’. These are just some of the pure and simple Independence Day quotes which are being used by the citizens of Pakistan to celebrate the event. There are number of other slogans and sayings which can be used to celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day.

Many people celebrate Pakistan Independence day with great fervor and enthusiasm. There is huge crowd participation too. Whenever an election is held, there are huge street demonstration and street celebrations too. Pakistan has never been able to have any problem regarding its freedom of speech and expression. Pakistan is truly a secular country where everyone is free to celebrate its national day in the manner he wants.

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