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The day of 11th September has been remembered by the whole world over the years. People still remember the tragic events of this day. The terrible air attack on the World Trade Center reminds the believer of how helpless the American people were that day. However, there is probably something you should know about celebrating Patriot Day 2022. Today’s article is about September 11th images, pictures and photos.

September 11, 2001 was a dark chapter for Americans. There are numerous pictures of them around the world. 4 places in the US were attacked and people had nothing to do that day. Many innocent people died and the whole world looked on in pain at this destruction. Since it is one of the most horrific events, many people have enough pictures of it in their collections.

Patriot Day Images 2022

The images of September 11 hide a lot of pain. If you have some of these in your collection then you are undoubtedly witnessing a remarkable history. Some pictures show two World Trade Center buildings on fire. In some pictures you can see buildings collapsing in no time. That morning people attended to their work like any other day. But this incident started around 8 am. A plane crashes into the first building. While it was burning, the second plane crashed into another building.

Millions of people witnessed the event directly who witnessed the whole thing and collected images and videos. One by one, terrorists attacked 4 important places in the United States and many lives were lost. People were very scared because they didn’t know what they should really do in this situation.

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A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.

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– The brave die never, though they sleep in dust: Their courage nerves a thousand living men. ~Minot J. Savage

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– America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand. – Harry S Truman

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Patriot Day Pictures:

The pictures of Patriots Day are quite significant. To commemorate this day everyone takes out old pictures and remembers their dead relatives. They still suffer from how painfully their loved ones died. It is by no means forgettable. The pictures especially bring back the terrible memories of the past. Death of nearly 3,000 people is never normal. The world’s top terrorist organizations were responsible for this.

Not just the pictures that people have, if you ever visit a memorial museum you will find thousands of pictures and relics that are preserved there. Every September 11th, relatives of the victims visit these places where they lost their loved ones. Not only Americans, but also people from around the world as 78 nationalities were among those who died that day.

Quote Reads: “Even the Smallest Act of Service, the Simplest Act of Kindness, Is a Way to Honour Those We Lost, a Way to Reclaim That Spirit of Unity That Followed 9/11.” —President Barack Obama

11 September Images

Quote Reads: “The Legacy of Heroes Is the Memory of a Great Name and the Inheritance of a Great Example.” Benjamin Disraeli
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Patriot Day pictures

9/11 – September 11 Photos

On this day, the hijacked passenger plane exploded in another location where some rescue workers had gone. Unfortunately some of the rescue workers lost their lives at the place who were given the honor of patriot. They gave their lives for the country. Some rare photos from that time are still preserved by Americans to commemorate the dedicated patriots.

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11 September Images (1)

Quote Reads: “September 11 Is One of Our Worst Days but It Brought Out the Best in Us. It Unified Us as a Country and Showed Our Charitable Instincts and Reminded Us of What We Stood for and Stand For.” — Sen. Lamar Alexander

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9-11 Images (2)

– Happy National Patriot’s Day to everyone who truly appreciates the struggle of the patriots!

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Even though the United States has overcome the terrible situation of 2001, it has not yet forgotten that memory. So every year everyone including the President remembers this event. This day is even a public holiday in the US because people feel that at least one day should be set aside to remember those who died on the 11th.

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