Patriot Day 2022: What is it? When and How to Celebrate

Americans celebrate Patriot Day on September 11 every year. The day was generally coined around an incident in 2001 and since then people remember it with due respect. The events of that time are still vivid in the minds of Americans. People perform many activities to celebrate this day. From this article you will know more about Patriots Day 2022. So, Patriot day Also Known As 9/11 or September 11 in memory of the people killed in the September 11 attacks of the year 2001.

The very name of Patriot’s Day surely reminds you that this day has a lot of significance. The incident behind this day will create enough emotions in everyone’s mind. Some people’s love, dedication, respect for their country are all in the celebration of this day.

What is Patriot Day?

It is generally known as a holiday. But you must know something about this day. On this day in 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon in Virginia killed many people. On this day 4 planes attacked simultaneously which was very scary. This day is observed mainly to remember the brave people who died while rescuing people trapped in the attack. Check this Top Patriot Day 2022 Wishes, Messages and Quotes.

After the September 11 attacks, December 18 of the same year was recognized as Patriot Day. The face of New York changed in just 102 minutes. The first attack occurred at 8:46 AM at the World Trade Center. Although several other names were proposed for the day, this one ultimately gained the most acceptance.

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It was one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in world history in which nearly 3,000 people died. Among them were citizens of other countries including Americans. This attack left a scar in the minds of the whole world. That’s why not only Americans but people all over the world do not fail to remember this day at least once.

History Of Patriot Day:

Many people know the history of Patriot Day. However, I would like to remind you again. The day started out like any other day but ended up being the worst day of all for Americans. This attack was so terrible that it was never seen again. After September 11, 2001, many things changed in America. Apart from this, there is a great change in global politics. The terrorist group was eliminated by the action of US President George Bush. Many years have passed, but the tears of the relatives of the victims have not yet dried up. They will never forget that history.

Perhaps this attack was triggered by some enmity with America. But many innocent people lost their lives in this which was never desired. No one thought that 9/11 would create a terrible memory in their lives. Not only that, there are many people who survived this incident who are still suffering. The entire world strongly condemned the incident. And because of this incident, the Taliban were eliminated.

When Patriot Day is Celebrated?

You already know when this day is celebrated. After the destruction of the World Trade Center, the place became known to the world as Ground Zero. Many people lost their loved ones in this incident. September 11, 2001 just happened naturally. Busy people entered their workplaces. The World Trade Center was full of people who were busy with their daily activities. It was completely beyond their imagination that in a moment they were going to face the greatest danger in history.

Besides, two buildings were attacked one after another. While some people managed to save their lives, many were trapped inside the building and died there. People all over the whole world cried because of this incident in America that day. The scene of two buildings collapsing in an instant is worthy of any Hollywood movie. The relatives of the dead still remember them through various activities.

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How to Celebrate Patriot Day?

Americans have many programs scheduled to celebrate Patriot’s Day. Commemoration starts at 8:30am local time. Everyone came to the Ground Zero Memorial and paid their respects. A moment of silence was observed during the first attack. In addition, all the high-rise buildings of New York are widely illuminated.

  • Attend Patriot Day ceremonies. 
  • Observe moments of silence:
    • 8:46 AM EDT – American Airlines Flight #11 collides into the World Trade Center
    • 9:03 AM EDT – United Airlines Flight #175 collides into the World Trade Center South Tower
    • 9:37 AM EDT – American Airlines Flight #77 crashes into the Pentagon
    • 9:59 AM EDT – World Trade Center South Tower Collapses
    • 10:03 AM EDT – United Airlines Flight #93 crashes in Shanksville, PA
    • 10:28 AM EDT – World Trade Center North Tower Collapses
  • Volunteer – While remembering the day, help an organization with meaning to you. Improve the lives of others and the world around you. Spread kindness. Offer them hope. Share your skills with those who need them most.
  • Remember – Remember those killed in the attacks. Remember to stand united as a Nation. Join others in prayer vigils or memorial events.

Use #PatriotDay or #NeverForget to post on social media and show your support.

The three sites where the attack took place were visited by all the high-ranking officials of the United States. Those who were able to bury their dead relatives paid their respects by placing flowers on the graves. Besides, almost everyone visits the Memorial and Museum as it houses the pictures of all the victims and some of the relics of that day.

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