Pohela Boishakh 2023: When is Bengali New Year Date & Time

According to the official calendar of Bangladesh, Pohela Boishakh is the 1st day of that calendar and that’s why it is also known as the Naba Barsha (নববর্ষ), Mesha Sankranti, Bengali New Year in and West Bengal and Bangladesh. It usually falls on the 14th April or 15th April (as of English calendar) every year. Several types of fairs, food festivals, and cultural events are arranged on this day.

However, Pohela Boishakh is celebrated in many parts of the world but specially in Bangladesh, West Bengal and in other Bengali communities (for instance, Assam and Tripura). Additionally, Pohela Boishakh is known and observed as “Bihu” in Assam, Kerala and Puthandu in Tamil Naduand Assamese New Year” as well in Assam. Among the Sikh and in other hindu communities, it is celebrated as “Vaishakhi”.

By the way, let us know more about Pohela Boishakh!

 Pohela Boishakh 2023

Pohela Boishakh is always celebrated with several splendid activities by the Bengali people spread around the world. It is a festival of joy, happiness, and unity of Bengali communities all over the world (Bangladesh, West Bengal, Assam and Tripura). Interestingly, Bengalis often think that Pohela Boishakh or Bengali New Year is the promise of starting life newly. Hence, people on this day try to vanish their past’s sorrows and try to make the present worthy.

So, the Pohela Boishakh 2023 will be absolutely a great day for all Bengali.

Pohela Boishakh is considered as a National Holiday in Bangladesh and additionally it is one of the most significant holidays and festivals of Bangladesh as well as many other parts of the world.

When is Pohela Boishakh 2023?

So, when is the Pohela Boishakh or Shuvo Nababarsho 2023? The festival is generally held on the 1st day of the Bengali calendar, which is based on a solar cycle and follows the system of Hindu Calendar.

By the way, the festival is going to be celebrated on 15th April, 2023, Friday.

Why is Pohela Boishakh?

Bengali Tradition

Pohela Boishakh highly bears the tradition of Bengali. So it represents the Bengali Tradition. And by observing the Pohela Boishakh, Bengali recheck, remind and remember their tradition every year. They also get the opportunity to feel their tradition practically.

Inspiration for New Day, New Life

As Pohela Boishakh is the 1st day of the Bengali calendar, it is a day of inspiration- inspiration of new day, inspiration of new life and inspiration of new beginning as well.

Present Bengali

There is a great, long and rich history available behind the Bengali community. Importantly, Bengali is one of the most gloriful communities in the world. And the Pohela Boishakh presents Bengali among the world.

How to Celebrate Pohela Boishakh?

So you are here to know about the ways of celebrating or how to celebrate Pohela Boishakh, which is mostly considered as Bengali New Year. However, the day is alluring to people and that’s why they always celebrate the day with several amazing activities. Let’s know some of those activities.

  • Houses are cleaned and nicely decorated.
  • Many Bengali visit the Kalighat temple and offer prayer.
  • Bengali people greet each other with “Shubho Noboborsho”.
  • Various cultural events are arranged in different places.
  • Nazrul Geeti, Rabindra Sangeet and folk songs are greatly used.
  • Different types of Bengali dishes are highly prioritized in almost all the restaurants.
  • Many Bengali start the day by taking a holy dip early in the morning.


Bengali communities all over the world celebrate Pohela Boishakh with great joys and celebrations. So each year, Bengali eagerly wait for this fascinating festival and in 2023 as well. So it is a matter of great joy that the Pohela Boishakh 2023 is knocking at the door. So be prepared! “Shuvo Noboborsho!”.

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