When is Shab e Meraj in 2023? Why and how to observed?

Shab e Meraj is a very holy and important day for Muslims. Besides, it is highly respected by all as one of the most virtuous nights. The specialty of this night is that Allah Ta’ala made five daily prayers obligatory for Muslims on this night. And since then, Muslims all over the world pray five times a day. People observe this night through various acts of worship and people have many plans for Shab e Meraj 2023 as well.

This night is very auspicious, so people prepare for it in advance. It does not fall on the same date of the English month every year, so people are very interested to know on what date this day can fall. Today’s article will help you with detailed information about this day. Hope you get all your queries answered.

When is Shab e Meraj 2023?

To observe this holy day you must know when it is being celebrated in 2023. The event of Shab e Meraj from which this day derives occurred in the ninth Arabic month of Rajab. According to that calculation, every year on the 26th day of the Arabic month of Rajab, the holy Shab e Meraj is observed. The month of Rajab has started counting from 24th January 2023 and accordingly this day is going to be celebrated on 18th February.

Every year, Muslims all over the world observe Shab e Miraj on the sundown of the 27th Rajab 1444, which falls on 17 February 2023. Note: Date May Very country to Country.

It is not possible to know the date of Shab e Meraj at once, so you must keep track of the Arabic months, only then you will find the actual date. Muslims celebrate this night with all their emotions and feelings. Many spend almost the whole night in the worship of Allah Ta’ala. Even in Arabic there are some special prayers in this month.

Our beloved Prophet witnessed this miracle and it was he who brought this day. He was going through a lot of trouble when this happened, and was even a victim of people’s sneers. Even after giving up all the dear things, he did not back down, but left behind some sacred rules for the Muslim nation.

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Why do You Observe Shab e Meraj?

Many may have questions about why this day is observed, especially non-Muslims. Even if you are a non-Muslim, these are things you need to know because you may have some Muslim friends. On this day one Muslim approaches another Muslim and discusses the ideals and rules of the Holy Prophet.

This day has a wonderful history that may be unknown to many. Allah the Exalted prescribed the five daily prayers through His Prophet which rule is still in force and will remain until the Day of Resurrection. Everyone observes the day to highlight the sanctity of Islam and the significance of the day to each other.

Different religious organizations organize various events on this day to inform each other about the history of the day and people indulge themselves in a holy worship. This is the perfect time to purify the hearts and souls of people when they are absorbed in the meditation of Allah all the time.

How to Observe?

There are several ways to celebrate Shab e Meraj, whether you are Muslim or non-Muslim. Support the Muslim friends you have on this day and learn about the importance of the day from them. You may even have colleagues in your office with whom you can interact. If you are a Muslim, wish your other Muslim friends a happy day and pray together with them.

It is celebrated as a holiday in most countries. So this is the best time when you can spend a long time in the mosque. On this day, speeches are given throughout the night in various mosques that you can listen to. Peace will come to anyone’s mind after hearing these statements.

This is the time to support your Muslim friends, know their stories and show respect. Also, don’t forget your friends who are online. Remind them of the day with a wish or message. Even tell them what to do tonight. Tell them that this is a glorious night that will bring you closer to your Creator.

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Shab e Meraj is a holiest time when people spend a lot of time in worshiping Allah. Then there are several other holy days. Muslims basically prepare themselves little by little for those days through this day. People stay up all night praying and supplicating to Allah. Many re-read the history of Meraj and memorize it. Basically on this day people are busy in attaining more purity.

There are many people who pledge on this day that they will perform the 5 daily prayers regularly as prescribed by Allah. The background of this day reminds everyone once again that the history of this period is quite old but Muslims keep it alive. Even non-Muslims show respect and love for it. So if you want to get lost with such a glorious day then know in advance when it will be celebrated.

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