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Ukraine Independence Day 2023 Quotes, Wishes and Messages

Almost everyone in the world is aware of the war between Russia and Ukraine. However, the celebration of Independence Day of Ukraine does not stop even in this. The country’s 31st Independence Day will be celebrated on August 24 this year. This day started on 24th August 1991 when the country gained independence. If you want to know more about Ukraine Independence Day then this article is for you.

On the occasion of the day, many activities are undertaken in Ukraine which commemorate the history of independence. All over the country uses and promotes various wishes, messages and quotes to celebrate Independence Day.

Ukraine Independence Day Quotes

Although the country gained independence in 1991, it is still not fully independent as Russia continues to attack the country. Russia is doing its best to undermine Ukraine’s democracy. However, to regain their strength, the citizens of Ukraine expressed great enthusiasm in celebrating Independence Day despite the various risks.

However, there are plenty of quotes to honor Independence Day that have been provided by famous people. Even the words that come out of the human heart are considered as the best quotes of this day. These quotes can undoubtedly give new strength to everyone’s mind. Besides, they will remind the people once again about the value of freedom. Ukrainians respect these sayings quite a lot and use them in various situations. Here’s Few Ukraine Independence Day Quotes:

“Where there is no freedom, there is no fatherland.” (P. Holbach)

“The Motherland is not someone and somewhere, I am also the Motherland.” (I. Svitlichnyi)

“To you, my Ukraine, and my first breath, and my last breath to you.” (V. Ellan)

“To be Ukrainian means to be constantly in a state of proving one’s right to exist.” (V. Vynnychenko)

“We are fighting for something that has no price in the whole world – for the Motherland.” (O. Dovzhenko)

“When I can’t do anything to serve my beloved motherland, I’ll try with all my might to never do harm in anything.” (H. Skovoroda)

“Love for the Motherland is the first virtue of a civilized person.” (N. Bonaparte)

“Unfortunate is the country that needs heroes.” (B. Brecht)

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” (D. Kennedy)

“Whoever in a moment of general calamity can think about something other than saving the Motherland is not worthy of living in a free state.” (F. Klinger)

“Only that nation that honors its heroes can become great.” (K. Rokosovsky)

“Independence rises on wings. Responsibility does not let these wings burn. Having both, you can fly to the goal!” – Sviatoslav VAKARCHUK

“And you thought that Ukraine is so simple. Ukraine is great. Ukraine is exclusive. All the rinks of history have passed through it. All kinds of tests have been tested on it. It is hardened by the highest hardness. In the conditions of the modern world, it is priceless.” – Lina Kostenko

“Ukraine begins with you.” – Vyacheslav Chornovil

“For everyone you are dead and funny, For everyone you are poor and unhappy, My Ukraine is beautiful, Songs and free party.” – Oleksandr Oles

“To be Ukrainian means to be constantly in a state of proving one’s right to exist.” – Volodymyr Vynnychenko

Happy Ukraine Independence Day

Ukraine Independence Day Wishes

Usually people of Ukraine exchange many wishes on Independence Day. But if you are not a Ukrainian, you can still use wishes. You may have a Ukrainian friend whom you can wish on this day. Extensive preparations are made to celebrate Independence Day in the country. These wishes are spread among all to overcome all frustrations and fears.

Ukraine has maintained its independence since 1991. Although the current situation is a bit worse, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is making preparations ahead of Independence Day this year like every year. All are asked to move forward with new zeal so that freedom is maintained even in any adverse situation. You must have sympathy for Ukrainians. Then don’t forget to share some wishes for them.

In 1991, on this day, our Ukraine became independent. It is important which traditions we honor and which country we consider our homeland. This is a memorable day for any Ukrainian. This is the day when the dream of a free, independent country became a reality. Happy holiday!

Dear Ukrainians! On this day, I want to wish for a cloudless sky and fruitful fields. For our history under the native flag! Let him breathe easily and freely!

Words of support and love are especially needed and important today! May the bright sun shine not only on this day, but always above the heads of Ukrainians, and harmony and love reign in their souls. Congratulations on the Independence Day of Ukraine!

Receive congratulations on Independence Day! We wish strength to the Ukrainian army, spiritual renewal and restoration to the wounded and injured, happiness, joy, peace and freedom to all Ukrainians!

The people of Ukraine are already celebrating the 29th anniversary since the primordial dream of our ancestors came true – to be masters of their rich and charming Ukrainian land. Let’s honor our mother – Ukraine!

Ukraine is a country of incredible beauty, but with a difficult fate. She courageously endures the ordeal when millions of her sons and daughters die. And every time he gets up from his knees, raising new generations of knights of truth and freedom who are in love with their homeland. Perhaps the best monument for all those who died for Ukraine will be our desire to build a sovereign, free, independent state. So Happy Independence Day to all of us!

Congratulations on the Independence Day of Ukraine in prose: wishes in your own words – photo 349839
Original congratulations on the Independence Day of Ukraine

May the Independence Day bring happiness and goodness, understanding and unity, peace and love to your home with the fragrant August smell of Ukrainian bread! Good health, cheerfulness, success in all endeavors!

I heartily congratulate you on the Independence Day of Ukraine. All the great successes of our country consist of the successes of every Ukrainian who cares – like many rivers and streams merge into one mighty Dnipro. Therefore, on the occasion of the most important holiday of Ukraine, let us sincerely rely on the success of our joint actions and the continuation of active cooperation that unites us and strengthens our state.

Everyone defines the day of independence for himself. I wish not to depend on finances, on bad habits and on all surrounding troubles!

Congratulations! Today, August 24, is the Independence Day of Ukraine! Any occasion is good to remember each other and wish each other happiness. So let the Independence Day of Ukraine become such an occasion!

There is only one country in the world where breathing is easy and free, the sun shines brighter and lilac blooms magnificently. This is the land of your parents, the land of your childhood, where you always feel at home – your Ukraine. Happy Independence Day! Accept sincere congratulations and words of support and love for our native country, charged with blue and yellow flowers, which each of us needs so much now.

Ukraine is boundless steppes and picturesque mountains, mother’s lullaby and viburnum in the garden, poplars in the poppy field and fertile black soil. And Ukraine is ancient Kyiv, wise chroniclers, the ringing of Cossack sabers, the whistling of haydamaks, the moaning of a serf in the manor’s court, the charms of revolutions, the long-awaited independence. Happy holiday!

Happy Independence Day! Let the Shevchenko fire of love for his native Ukraine burn in his heart – the land of mountains and steppes, fast rivers and golden fields. Let’s be proud that we are Ukrainians!

I want more reasons to be proud of my country. Strength and courage to create such excuses yourself. Let the love for one’s native land not fade away. Happy Independence Day!

In the hearts of the people of Ukraine, the August blue of the sky and the yellow-hot grain fields merge with the colors of Ukrainian statehood into a symbol of freedom and work. Let’s make history under the banner of our native flag!

Congratulations on the Independence Day of Ukraine in prose: wishes in your own words – photo 349840
Official congratulations on August 24 with the Independence Day of Ukraine

Dear Ukrainians! I wish you health, happiness, success in all your affairs and may the dream of a better life inspire you to new achievements, to new good deeds in the name of our Ukraine and its future generations. Happy holiday to you!

On this day, let us reflect on our past, cherish our present and work towards building a better future for all of us. We are duty-bound to do so as citizens. Happy Independence Day To You.

Join the train of unity, fight against corruption, and keep flying the flag of our dear nation high! Happy independence day of Ukraine!

Those who won our Independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty. May we all be courageous enough to take Ukraine to greater heights. Happy Ukraine Independence Day.

May this Independence Day bring fortune and success for each and every one of us. May our country see more progress in the coming years! Happy independence day of Ukraine!

Happy Independence Day to you. Today let’s celebrate those who shed their blood for our freedom. They are the ones who deserve the glory!

Ukraine Independence Day Messages

Those who believe in freedom know the significance of this day’s messages. The messages of this day convey to all that in the coming years the country will take another step towards independence. Besides, people will be able to deal with all the bad situations of the present. Independence day messages give strength to fight against all corruption and evil. Moreover, they are not only encouraging or encouraging, but have more purposes.

Just like our Flag, I pray you soar higher in whatever you do. Happy independence day of Ukraine!

Independence day is a day to remember the labor of our Heroes past. Today, Freedom was born, Don’t just take it as a national holiday but resolve to do something new to improve your country today. Have a Happy independence day of Ukraine!

May hope, peace and tranquility reside in your household today and every day. – Happy independence day of Ukraine!

Freedom does not come without a price, not did ours. Never forget the bloodshed and brutality that this great nation has endured in the past. Happy independence day of Ukraine!

Patriotism is not a badge that you should carry on your shoulder. You should carry it in your heart and let your actions speak for it. Happy independence day of Ukraine!

One of the ways to remember those who fought and gave their blood for the freedom of Ukraine is to use different messages. The messages inculcate a sense of responsibility among the citizens of the country so that they can sacrifice their lives to protect the freedom and sovereignty of the motherland. Ukraine’s Independence Day surely reminds you of your country’s Independence Day. So send them an inspirational message wherever you are in the world.

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