World Diabetes Day 2022: Theme, Wishes, Messages and Quotes

World Diabetes Day is celebrated worldwide on 14th November every year. This day was originally started to create awareness about this disease. In almost all the countries of the world, massive arrangements are made to celebrate this day. The number of diabetes patients was low in the past but now it has increased. So it is not possible to control it unless proper awareness is created.

It is true that this disease can never be completely cured, but it can be controlled by adopting the right methods. Surprisingly, most people with diabetes are unaware that they have diabetes. But if the disease is not adequately controlled, the patient may die prematurely, although many do not pay much attention to it. Even today, this disease is occurring in many children. The day reminds everyone of this so that people are aware of all this.

World Diabetes Day 2022: Theme

The theme for world Diabetes day 2022 is “Education to protect tomorrow” which is a combined theme under the World Diabetes Day 2021-23 campaign “Access to Diabetes Care ”

World Diabetes Day Slogans

  1. “Begin to take a stand against the global medical issue before it starts to affect you.”
  1. “Go Sugar-Free, go diabetes free.”
  1. Know Diabetes, Fight Diabetes.
  1. “Stay away from sugar-coated people and sugar-coated food.”
  1. Keep calm and ask about Diabetes.
  1. You can never know too much when it comes to your health.
  1. Be pleasant to diabetics; we manage enough pricks as of now.
  1. Avoid sweetness for your betterment.
  1. Diabetes is an incredible precedent whereby, by giving the patient the devices, you can oversee yourself extremely well.
  1. Life isn’t over on the grounds that you have diabetes. Capitalize on what you have, be appreciative.

World Diabetes Day Wishes:

There are some great diabetes day wishes that people use and share a lot on this day. Wish all your friends, relatives, and family on this day so that they feel that it is their time to be aware. Say through Wishes that they should at least have a checkup to see if they are actually carrying the disease.

  • Diabetes is a silent killer. Don’t let it ruin your life or the life of your loved ones. Let us spread more awareness about this disease to celebrate World Diabetes Day.
  • On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, let us come together to make everyone around us aware of the challenges of this disease. Warm wishes on World Diabetes Day.
  • The occasion of World Diabetes Day is a reminder to all of us that we need to take care of ourselves from this life threatening disease. Happy World Diabetes Day.
  • For most of us, diabetes is a lifestyle disease and therefore, we can control it in many ways. Wishing everyone a very Happy World Diabetes Day.
  • Life is so much better, happier and healthier if there is no diabetes to bother us. Let us aim for a life without diabetes. Warm greetings on World Diabetes Day to all.

World Diabetes Day Captions

_ Less than 1 in 2 people with diabetes have access to proper education about it. This World Diabetes Day, contribute and celebrate by helping people by creating awareness.

_ On this occasion of World Diabetes Day may you have all the happiness and sweetness you want but not diabetes. May you have a healthy and joyous life. Happy World Diabetes Day.

_ Less and less of sugar means more and more of happiness. May you have a happy and healthy World Diabetes Day.

_ Diabetes is all about not coating it all with sugar. Wish you a very happy and healthy World Diabetes Day.

_ Stay away from sugarcoated people, they can cause you diabetes. Wish you a very happy and healthy World Diabetes Day.

_ No one gets to choose the challenges they face in life but they get to choose how they face it.

_ Face your problems bravely and stand up to diabetes on this World Diabetes Day.

Diabetes Day Status

Undoubtedly, a diabetes free life is the happiest. However, keeping the disease under control as much as possible can lead to better outcomes. People who have undiagnosed diabetes should go through a controlled diet as it will give them a long life. Also, encourage your family members to exercise regularly and maintain a healthy weight.

  • There are so many lives we lose every year to diabetes and that is what we need to control. Let us make everyone aware of diabetes on the occasion of World Diabetes Day.
  • The occasion of World Diabetes Day reminds us all that we must not take this disease lightly as it can affect our lives in various ways. Wishing a very Happy World Diabetes Day.
  • Let us celebrate the occasion of World Diabetes Day by coming together and taking a vow that we will work towards eradicating it from our lives. Happy World Diabetes Day to all.
  • Don’t let diabetes ruin our lives and our happiness. Let us learn more about it to stay protected from it. Wishing everyone a very Happy World Diabetes Day.
  • If there is diabetes in our lives then we cannot live a happy and comfortable life. Let us fight against it and aim for a healthier life. Warm wishes on World Diabetes Day to everyone.

World Diabetes Day Messages:

World Diabetes Day messages are very significant. Around 170 countries of the world celebrate this day on the same day. Although different programs are adopted in different countries, the objective is the same because every country has some people affected by this disease.

  • May World Diabetes Day be full of joy and smiles for you and loved ones….!!!!
  • Less of sugar means more of happiness….. Best wishes on World Diabetes Day!!!
  • On the occasion of World Diabetes Day, I wish you sweetness in life and not in blood…. Have a wonderful on International Diabetes Day.
  • You don’t have to take the whole staircase; all you need to do is take the first step. On this World Diabetes Day take your first step towards recovery.
  • Wishing you all the sweetness in life with no sugar in your veins…. Happy World Diabetes Day.
  • Even if you have diabetes, don’t let diabetes have you. Take control of your own life and help to improve the future. Wish you a happy and safe World Diabetes Day.

Diabetes was discovered a long time ago but the injection to control it was discovered in 1922. Although it is treatable, some daily habits need to be changed. Besides, many people think that they are not affected by this disease. It should be checked at least once so that appropriate action can be taken at the right time.

World Diabetes Day Quotes:

  1. Insulin is not a cure for Diabetes; it is a treatment. It enables the diabetic to burn sufficient carbohydrates so that proteins and fats may be added to the diet in sufficient quantities to provide energy for the economic burdens of life– Frederick Banting.
  1. Trying to manage Diabetes is hard because if you don’t, there are consequences you’ll have to deal with later in life– Bryan Adams.
  1. “Insulin is not a cure for Diabetes; it is a treatment. It enables the diabetic to burn sufficient carbohydrates so that proteins and fats may be added to the diet in sufficient quantities to provide energy for the economic burdens of life.” – Lee Haney.
  1. “Trying to manage diabetes is hard because if you don’t, there are consequences you’ll have to deal with later in life.”- Elaine Stritch.
  1. Being diagnosed with Diabetes can be a very scary thing, and it can easily make your life stand still for a moment– Charlie Kimball.
  1. Unhealthy eating habits cause major health problems, such as Diabetes and heart disease, and can also lead to food insecurity, disrupted eating patterns, and low self-esteem– Matt Cartwright.
  1. “Diabetes is all about insulin levels and sugar levels and what you put in your body.” — Jay Cutler.
  1. “Diabetes is not curable. It’s sustainable.” — Alvin Leung.
  1. “Scientific data suggest positive relationships between a vegetarian diet and reduced risk for obesity, coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and some types of cancer.” — John Robbins.
  1. “Growing up, coming to terms with, and living through the complications of Diabetes.” ― Paul Cathcart.

Diabetes Day

There are some great quotes of this day that you should not forget to read yourself and share with others. If you read the quotes given by famous people, you may be able to change your lifestyle. Diabetes can be controlled without medication if diagnosed at an early stage. Every year new quotes are published. These quotes will play an important role for you and your family.

Moreover, if someone in your family has diabetes, then there is a possibility that you will also have it. So be sure to check. Keep in mind that if this disease is not controlled at the right time, it can lead to other complications. So, you must get this disease under control to avoid getting any serious diseases. Keeping this day in front you can also take some responsibility to convey awareness message to others.

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