Worldwide Candle Lighting Day 2022: Wishes, Messages, Quotes

Candle Lighting Day is celebrated On the 2nd Sunday of every December, Worldwide. Candlelight generally shows respect to those children who have died. Worldwide Candle Lighting Day is a global candle lighting ceremony. Candle lighting is a fantastic expression, an expression of faith and love. Lighting a candle symbolizes a child who has passed away, a glorious attraction of the day. This year Worldwide Candle lighting Day Falls on 11 December 2022.

Worldwide Candle Lighting Day 2022

When a child leaves the world, a consuming situation is created in the family. Though there is no magical formula to bring the dead child back again, the family wants the child. Because their heart is significantly broken, they forget for some moment that every soul will taste death because of their deep sadness. The child’s death affects the mother and father so much.

That’s why they feel so alone and isolated. One of the most important attractions of Worldwide Candle Lighting Day is to give console and support to those fathers, mothers, and families by a 24 global lighting ceremony. On this day, children losing family gather together and share their pain.  

Candle Lighting Day 2022

worldwide Candle Lighting Day is a beautiful day for the lighting of candles and also an important day because of consoling children losing family, people eagerly wait for this day to celebrate. The Worldwide Candle Lighting Day of 2022 will be held just within a few days, and it will carry on 12th December on Sunday, and it is good news for those who eagerly wait for Worldwide Candle Lighting Day.

Ways to Celebrate the Day

There are many fantastic ways to celebrate Worldwide Candle Lighting Day beautifully. Some of them are given below. Just keep reading. 

Attend Worldwide Candle Lighting Day festivals.

At Worldwide Candle Lighting Day festivals, you can see a lot of arrangements. By attending or joining these festivals, you can enjoy Worldwide Candle Lighting Day a lot. 

Participate in worldwide Candle Lighting Day Competition.

There are a lot of Worldwide Candle Lighting Day competitions arranged on this day. You can participate in these competitions to improve your Worldwide Candle Lighting Day.

Arrange A Program for worldwide Candle Lighting Day.

If you’re willing to make your Worldwide Candle Lighting Day more beautiful, arrange a little program at your local place along with your friends or family. 

Visit a Local Child Losing Family or Relatives.

As Worldwide Candle Lighting Day’s main attraction is to show support and console to a child losing families, try to visit your local child losing family or relatives and console them. 

Treat Children and Give Them Life Lessons.

Worldwide Candle Lighting Day is considerably related to the children. So treat the children and give them life lessons.

Worldwide Candle Lighting Day Messages, Quotes, Wishes.

If you want to enjoy the day virtually, why not the messages, quotes, and wishes?  Worldwide Candle Lighting Day is one of the most festive holiday seasons. The day is observed to support those families who lost their children. By celebrating this day, people believe in removing the regret of people whose children have passed away from the world.

1. “Do not give them a candle to light the way, teach them how to make fire instead. That is the meaning of enlightenment.” – Kamand Kojouri

2. “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, Happiness never decreases by being shared.” – Gautam Buddha

3. “Do not worry if all the candles in the world flicker and die. We have the spark that starts the fire.” – Rumi

4. “Live as intensely as possible, burn your candle of life from both ends.” – Osho

5. “Nirvana is not blowing out the candle, It is the extinguishing of the flame because the day has come.” – Rabindranath Tagore

6. “Carry a candle in the dark, be a candle in the dark, know that you’re a flame in the dark.”- Ivan Illich

7. “The teacher is like the candle which lights others in consuming itself.”- Giovanni Ruffini

8. “Wisdom holds a candle to experience, but you’ve got to take the candle and walk alone.”- Lauren Kate

9. “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”- Francis of Assisi

10. “Just as a candle cannot burn without fire, men cannot live without a spiritual life.” – Gautam Buddha

Did you know when the Worldwide Candle Lighting Day was first observed? It was in 1997. The Compassionate Friends organized the first Worldwide Candle Lighting Day in the United States, and this ceremony was held on the internet. 

Worldwide Candle Lighting Day is an important day to remember the child who left the world. It is an excellent day for the family who lost their child. So we should observe and respect this day. 

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